Climbing The Maslow Hierarchy – Why To Keep Your House And Body Clean

Back in 1943 a psychologist by the name of Abraham Maslow published a paper, entitled “A Theory of Human Motivation”. His approach was different to his predecessors in the field because his intent was to carefully study the most healthy and successful members of the human population, rather than the unhealthy and undeveloped psychological specimens that were looked at by others in his field. From this study he was able to create a pyramid, or a hierarchy of needs that is known as Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. We’ll look at this pyramid and see where cleaning fits into it.

First Level: Physiological needs

This was defined as the needs such as food, clothing, shelter, and other things that allow our bodies to continue functioning. It’s clear that being unclean will lead to disease and illness. Not changing clothing can lead to skin infections and other illness which can result in death quite easily. So on the most fundamental survival level some aspects of cleanliness are required.

Second Level: Safety needs

 These include things like personal security, financial security, health and well-being and safety nets against accidents and illness. Job security also falls into this category. You won’t be safe from accidents and illness in a cluttered and unclean living space. Further to this, job security might be a problem if you aren’t meeting a certain level of personal hygiene.

Third Level:  Love and Belonging

 This third level relates to our social needs and also needs for sexual intimacy. Simply put, it’s our desire for love. As other people also have their own hierarchy of needs to be filled, it can be safely argued that if you aren’t clean then nobody is going to love you. Well, nobody sane.

Fourth Level: Esteem

Esteem is the desire that all people have to be respected and accepted by other people. Without the respect of other people, as well as self-respect, people are prone to mental illness. Much like love, esteem can be hard to come by if you aren’t presented nicely and living in pleasant surroundings. The guy down the road with 15 broken cars in his front yard doesn’t get a whole lot of respect from the local neighbourhood. Don’t be that guy.

Fifth Level: Self Actualisation

Self actualisation is essentially about being all that you can be. It’s about achieving things in life that are directly related to your own identity. For example, if you see yourself as a painter, self actualisation is not only about being a painter but being the best painter you can be. To make things clear, we won’t even be able to dream of being the best we can be if we don’t have some semblance of basic hygiene and order in our lives. That is of course, unless your self-identity is about being an antisocial slob.


As we can see cleanliness and hygiene are an important part of scaling the hierarchy of needs. Without achieving a certain semblance of order in our homes and personal presentation, we simply aren’t going to thrive in society as healthy individuals. It seems indeed, as if Maslow’s hierarchy is just giving us 5 more reasons to be clean.


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