Why Do You Gain Weight over the Holidays?

Holidays have many traditions, families sitting at a table together, last minute shopping, arranging plans for get togethers, and so on. A less considered tradition is the complaint about unseen weight gain. Is the weight gain people complain about really unseen, or is it more than predicted and forecasted? I think, and have come to the conclusion after interviewing my clients, that weight gain is expected and anticipated! There are some stark and obvious common sense reasons why this occurs, and they are normally hidden out of site and out of mind.

How do holiday traditions and weight gain tie together? It comes down to common sense, science, and the principals of diet and nutrition.


Most diets that stand a chance at allowing you to succeed with them, contain a “cheat meal” or a “cheat day”. Another concept in diets that leads to their success is the way a meal is setup, where gravies, sauces, fats, and starches are limited. At holiday get together however, it seems the main intent of the holiday meal is to actually gut (no pun intended) and sabotage the diet as much as possible. There is our first discovery of what leads to my science of common sense holiday weight gain.

Another phenomena about food is that the civilized countries seem to religiously celebrate food. Gone long ago is the approach to food as a need of it as a means of survival, as solely a source of nutrition. Food is now a reward and a cause for celebration. This is an obvious reason toward why many civilized countries have severe obesity issues.

Another reason for weight gain aside from is what happens during the holiday season which is the torment we put our bodies through. One such torment is the need to stand in line for the newest gadget and deals on Black Friday. One good thing about Black Friday is that you are awake and are able to digest the food while we stand outside and freeze in line, anxiously awaiting the doors opening and the ensuing mad dash.

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