Why Cosmetic Dentistry Is Good for the Mind and Body?

Everyone wants bright white teeth to show off…after all, your smile is the first thing people notice about you. When meeting new people or speaking to a group of friends, we want our smile to reflect our personality. When our smile does not live up to our expectations we can suffer from embarrassment and become withdrawn. Cosmetic dentists can give people a new chance to display their pearly whites with confidence; they offer services to people with all types of dental imperfections ranging from minor discolorations to extensive defects.

Health, happiness, and confidence go hand in hand and our mental health definitely plays a significant role in our well-being. When something is troubling to us, our confidence isn’t as strong as it should be and we struggle. We all have personal insecurities; most of us would like to change at least one thing about ourselves, like hair color, weight, or some minor imperfection that only we notice. Luckily for some, we can wear big hats and baggy clothes, but when our smile is the factor that is hindering our confidence, we tend to suffer a bit more deeply because our teeth are harder to hide; they are what people focus on every time we open our mouths to speak.

Cheryl Cole before and after cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

The good news is that cosmetic dentists have made many advances in cosmetic surgery and techniques. Many procedures can be done in just a few visits and can make a world of difference to someone who concerned about their appearance. After seeking cosmetic dental surgery, many report having a new lease on life and a more outgoing attitude. Those who have restoratives procedures tend to smile more and enjoy showing off their smile.

How Do Bad Teeth Affect Your Health?

Cosmetic imperfections may not only affect our mental health, but more extensive dental issues can signal a physical problem too. Broken or chipped teeth can severely compromise the integrity of the enamel, the white portion of the teeth, or can reach into deeper layers of the structure like the dentin or the pulp and cause bigger problems than just aesthetics.

Cavities signal a diseased tooth and can be treated by a dentist before it turns into a root canal or a “dead tooth”. Missing teeth are another concern that requires immediate attention, when a void occurs from extraction or trauma, the other teeth in the mouth will “drift” toward the vacant spot. This shift may cause teeth to become mobile or loose. Braces are always a good investment to straighten teeth into perfect alignment or correct a bite that interferes with regular eating or chewing.

How to Improve Your Smile?

There are many options to choose from to beautify your smile; a dentist can recommend a custom treatment to help you achieve your desired look. The most common and simple procedures to enhance teeth are whitening procedures or porcelain veneers to that repair a slight chip or gap. Crowns, implants, and braces are more invasive procedures that patients with more extensive defects opt to have and end up having more confident with their overall appearance.

[box]Regardless of the procedure you choose to undergo, the end result will be a confident smile that makes you feel healthier physically and mentally.[/box]


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Phyllis Schaub DDS is a Mission Viejo cosmetic dentist who performs general preventative dentistry in addition to providing cosmetic dentistry services

One thought on “Why Cosmetic Dentistry Is Good for the Mind and Body?

  • December 22, 2011 at 5:53 pm

    Wonderful overall explanation of what cosmetic dentistry can do for a person. We are always amazed at how many people want to improve their smiles. Age does not seen to be a barrier, as we have many older patients that have improved their appearance dramatically with new porcelain veneers or crowns as well as implants in some cases. Allow most photos that show new smiles accomplished with cosmetic dentistry are of women, men can benefit greatly also.


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