5 Cosmetic Surgeries You Probably Didn’t Know Exist

3. Eye of the Beholder

Are you tired of wearing contact lenses? Did you always want a pair of blue eyes instead of the brown ones you were born with? If rib removal sounds Victorian, then iris implants is like something out of a science fiction film. While iris implant surgery was initially developed for people who were born with eye problems or had somehow damaged their eyes, it’s become the de riguer cosmetic procedure. The operation is not FDA approved in the United States or Canada, but that hasn’t stopped people from heading to countries that permit it.


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One thought on “5 Cosmetic Surgeries You Probably Didn’t Know Exist

  • February 27, 2015 at 9:38 pm

    Actually the woman in picture 2 was wearing a corset…….she was super obsessed with a tiny waist and kept waist training with tighter and tighter corsets over time…


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