Crash Dieting: You Could Lose More Than Just Weight!

‘You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality’.  Slim, sleek, thin, toned, zero size, and perfect are the words people ascribe to an ideal body today. The fact is none could keep oneself from following this notion and trend. What resulted out of this is the ever-growing desire for crash and unhealthy dieting. This gradually led to real injurious consequences.

Crash Dieting helps you lose weight, no denying that, but in the bargain you receive serious morbidity and lack of nutrition. Moreover, you could gain weight all over again.


 1. Higher Weight Gain in Re-bound

 When you crash diet, you eat too little, so little that your body literally starves for food and nutrition. The body is rendered incapable to save energy and the metabolism slows down. You hit a minimum and lose motivation to do more and start eating again. The weight gain this time around is likely to be higher as a result of an impaired metabolism. On account of rebound weight being higher, it often propels you into another round of crash dieting. This cycle is referred to as ‘yo-yo dieting’ and its long-term effect is greater weight gain altogether.

2. Deficiencies in Vitamins and Minerals

Crash diet consequently leads to a deficiency for vital vitamins and minerals in the body such as sodium or potassium. These two act as protagonists in the body’s nerve and muscle function.  An extreme lack of these two electrolytes can lead to heart failure. Calcium and iron deficiencies are also reported to result from unhealthy dieting. This could lead to bone loss and anemia respectively.

 3. Impaired Metabolism

Your body metabolism gets affected the most. While crashing dieting you intake minimum of everything, even the vital ones. Your metabolism goes into very slow starvation mode. What follows is that it would take fewer calories to gain weight back because your metabolism wouldn’t burn the calories as quickly as it needs to.

 4. Strain on Internal Organs

Crash diet strains out the organs. On the grounds that your body has an indefinite amount of energy, it is driven to gain energy from muscle tissues. These tissues may surround a vital organ like heart, kidney, lever, etc. and affect their functionality.

 5. Osteoporosis

Women are more prone to crash dieting as compared to men. These unhealthy habits lead to calcium deficiency and gradually, in severe cases, to Osteoporosis (bone loss).

 6. Behavioural Alterations 

When you eat healthy amounts of carbohydrates and proteins, there is a regular production of serotonin and dopamine. In the absence of definite levels of both Carbohydrate and protein, the creation of these two neurotransmitters also suffers. This often leads to mood swings and depression.

 7. Physical Weakness and Dizziness and Lower Levels of Healthy Cholesterol

These diets affect you in ways more than you could think of. There’s a feeling of dizziness, weakness, and lethargy all the time because of it. Some foods help with the production of HDL (the good cholesterol). Lowering the levels of food and hence, the good cholesterol in your body can lead to heart disease.

Instead of unthinkingly and haphazardly going for a crash diet, you should better consult a dietician or a doctor first. There are healthy substitutes to an unhealthy crash diet such as fruit-based diet protocols; carbohydrate, protein and fiber based diet protocols, hcg diet foods etc.

Your body is made for healthy food and habits ( That’s how it was built. Respect and treat it well and experience a blissful life with a healthy body!

Evie Tracy

Evie Tracy is a health writer and yoga enthusiast. Besides this she contributes for various online health publications that mainly cover weight loss measures, health guides and fashion. When she’s is not educating her readers with her writings, she’s most likely educating herself by reading her favorite stuff.

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