Creating a Healthy Office in 2012: How to Improve Employee Performance

Historically, employers have been unconcerned with their staff’s activities or lifestyle outside of the work place, so long as they do not impinge on their everyday performance. This mindset is beginning to change, however, as more and more people draw parallels between an optimized physical condition and improved mental performance. Companies today are constantly looking to get the most from their staff and empower them to grow as a valued team member, and are therefore willing to explore any number of avenues in order to achieve this.

The Link Between Body and Mind: 3 Ways to Create An Active and Healthy Business Team

With this in mind, how should you look to promote the virtues of healthy and active living in your organization? There are a great deal of innovative options available, so long as you consider the demographics of your workforce and their capacity to engage in certain pursuits.

  • Plan an Outdoor Team Building Exercise: If the majority of your staff work in the office and have sedentary lifestyles, then it may well be worth introducing them to active living and outdoor pursuits as ways of inspiring them to embrace a new lifestyle choice. A physically challenging team building exercise could be just the ticket, especially if it encourages team work and interaction between your members of staff. Physical exertion and fresh air can also trigger creative thought processes, which can only benefit your business as it looks to evolve. Look to innovative events planners such as Chillisauce for guidance on bringing your creative ideas into life.
  • Change Your Offices Menu and Supply of Food: Your office may well have an in-house canteen or outlet that sells food, and this provides an ideal opportunity for you to offer healthy food and produce to your staff members. Consider revamping any menus and reducing the amount of fat or sugar laden foods that you feed to your employees, as this will help them to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout the day and ultimately improve the levels of energy and creativity that they can produce.
  • Encourage Your Staff to Consider Walking: The majority of adults tend to drive in the modern age, but there are a number of alternative modes of transportation that can help people to improve their levels of physical fitness while also saving money in the process. Although some individuals are forced to drive due to their location, however, many do so out of habit without realizing that the option of walking is both viable and surprisingly time effective. As an employer, it may be worth encouraging your staff to either walk or cycle where necessary on their daily journey to work, as again this burst of physical exertion has the potential to stimulate their mental performance at the start of the day.

The Bottom Line

As an employer you can not assume complete control of the lives of your staff members, but you can strive to influence them in a positive manner where you see fit. Promoting the benefits of a healthy diet and active lifestyle can benefit both the individual and the performance of your own business, and lay the foundation for long term development.

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