Cutting Away Pain: Teen Depression And Pain Displacement

More and more teenagers are participating in self-destruction as a result of depression. They will often say that cutting themselves is a way to keep themselves from going crazy. Why would these kids possibly do that? Is their depression really that bad?


Self-destructive tendencies are often compared to anorexia. A large percentage of the teenage population is getting addicted to this trend. They refer to it as cutting. It’s a way of handling stresses they face every day. It’s also used by children suffering from serious mental health issues. It is particularly common for children that don’t express themselves well. Cutting is a way to privately express the way they feel, no matter how sad or angry.

self cuttingIt’s a way of displacing the emotional pain and replacing it with physical pain. Cutting is a way of dealing with the pains that would stay with them for a long time in a quick way. Their physical pain threshold is larger than their mental pain threshold. It’s often done in places that they don’t expect people to see them.

Many children that cut themselves say that they’re not suicidal. They often discuss pain tolerance as a method of avoiding professional help. They’ll just keep participating in these habits until they go too far.

Cutting can put a teenager in a world of their own while placing their life in danger. It’s almost like the wild parts of the brain are taking over. That is a violent and unpredictable form of the human psyche. It’s the only part of the brain that would allow someone to damage themselves in this way. These self-mutilation tendencies can lead to the allowing of this wild part of the brain to take over completely. It can even lead to suicide.

People participating in self-mutilation need to get assistance from a professional. They’re not crazy. They are not sick. They just need to learn more effective ways of dealing with the problems in their life.


Self-destructive behavior can lead to a number of different problems in a person’s mental and physical well-being. It can just encourage the emotions to come back worse and worse over time. Cutting can also lead to a number of physical risks like blood loss, and cutting dangerous parts of the body like blood vessels or arteries. It can end up leading to an accidental suicide.

Thoughts of self-destruction can also lead to an intentional one. It also leaves permanent marks on the body. While in the short term they may not mind, it may become something that they’re seriously embarrassed about in the future.


There is always the chance to teach them positive ways of dealing with their stress and challenges. Working with a trained professional can help the teenager find out unique ways to deal with their problems that don’t cause serious risks. Therapy can also address the issues that may have led the child into the dangerous world of cutting in the first place.

Cutting is not something that can typically be solved with the right medication. Depression on the other hand, often leads to the prescription of antidepressants to help reduce the condition. In the worst cases, a teenager may need to be hospitalized for their own good. A safe environment is essential to protect them from themselves while they need it.

Teenagers suffering from this needs to have the support of those around them. Judging the child for their decisions will not help the situation. It can even lead to it getting significantly worse.

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