Delicious Drinks – Vitamin Packed, Tasty Ways to Combat Menopause

I’m in love with the farmer’s market. Between my raised garden beds at home, and the wealth of delicious fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, nuts, and seeds available from local farmers, I have noticed a significant drop in my health bills. While all of my friends are fretting over knee replacement surgeries and hysterectomies, I’m still going strong, as youthful and vibrant as ever. 


An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away 

There really is truth to the old adage. Before I started eating a sensible diet and exercising regularly, I was visiting my doctor more than my own mother. A wonky thyroid, debilitating asthma, high blood pressure, I was facing a lifetime of medication, and I wasn’t happy about it. 

Eating fresh food, grown organically is by far the most healthful thing you can do for your body. While some may be able to enjoy their own garden, not everyone is so fortunate. To apartment dwellers, and folks strapped for time, I’d recommend investing in a CSA program to take advantage of fresh, seasonal produce delivered to your door. Fresh food is packed with vitamins, minerals and natural healing properties you simply cannot find in packaged and processed food.

Satisfy Your Thirst – Sooth Menopause Symptoms

  • Hot Flashes – Flaxseed is a favorite go-to for digestive health, radiant skin, and management of hot flashes. I like to toss in a tablespoon or so of flaxseed (or meal) to my smoothies, it goes well in just about any recipe. Try flaxseed as a topping for oatmeal and salads for an interesting addition of spice and texture. Hot flashes are also attributed to stress, so take time to relax each day while enjoying your flaxseed-infused meals.
  • Insomnia – I love turmeric for its myriad health benefits, plus it tastes great in curry dishes. To combat insomnia and the aches associated with aging, I like to keep a home-made turmeric paste on hand. Little more than turmeric powder and spring water slowly cooked over medium heat, this turmeric paste makes a delicious, healing drink when mixed with warm milk. For additional nutritional benefits, I like to top off this golden milk with a splash of Udo’s oil and a drizzle of maple syrup.
  • Energy – Swiss chard, blueberries, green tea, flaxseed and brazil nuts. This recipe, as seen on the Dr. Oz show, will give the extra boost you need to burn fat and feel energized. A greater sense of stamina will help feel alert enough to enjoy some exercise and shed some pesky weight as well.
  • Calcium Boost and Cycle Regulation – Let’s have three cheers for green smoothies! So simple to make and incredibly healthy, it’s a wonder more haven’t jumped on the green bandwagon. Leafy greens are an important source of calcium, protein and folic acid, along with a host of other essential vitamins and minerals.For maximum health benefits it’s advised to consume a pound of leafy greens each day – this includes kale, spinach, and others – which can be daunting to think about. By far the easiest way to sneak this much foliage into your diet is by adding a handful of greens into your smoothie and juice recipes.
  • Anti-Aging – Just the word “menopause” makes me feel old. To fend off aging and retain my youthful vigor, I like to whip up a concoction of pomegranate juice, fresh blueberries, ground flaxseed, chia seeds, a spoonful of coconut oil, a couple capsules of fish oil, and a scoop of wheat germ. Admittedly, the first few times I tried this recipe I needed to add a bit of agave nectar to satisfy my sweet tooth. The addition of chia seeds, fish oil and wheat germ not only provide a healthy boost of protein and omega-3’s, but I also get the benefit of natural, delicious stress relief. 

More Bang For Your Buck

When buying fresh produce, I like to buy some things in bulk. I prefer to buy a large amount, in varying degrees of ripeness, so I will always have something ripe and delicious within reach. Shopping in this method often results in a better price per pound. As an additional benefit, when my bananas, papayas and avocados reach the point of over-ripeness I like to transform them into all-natural skin care products, such as masks and body scrubs.

About the Author:

Sophie Evans is a freelance-writer and huge Disneyland fan. As a mother of two in Balboa Beach, California, she needs her energy to spend plenty of time with her kids at the beach. When Sophie began to feel the effects of menopause, she browsed sites like to get the most up to date skincare tips available.

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