Is Detoxing with the Detox Diet Good for You?

Healthy Debate over DetoxingI always welcome a healthy debate (no pun intended :) because they encourage us to challenge the standard idea of what’s healthy (usually defined as ‘the absence of disease’ which doesn’t imply good heath either)!  We know knowledge is power therefore, being informed empowers us to create or improve our own health protocol.

This in turn enables us to reclaim responsibility for our health and ultimately, become our own health guru and that’s got to be a good thing for everyone, except the pharmaceutical industry :).

Are Detox Diets Bad for Your Health?

I can’t find any recorded incidence of anyone (or their illness) ever getting worse by eating less.  Especially when they’re eating fresh, ripe, organic, in season, local fruit and veg!  So to say detoxing is ‘harmful to health’ when it’s a well established fact that eating less increases longevity is odd to say the least.

This is covered in vast detail in well documented reports for example see or read books like The Blue Zones of which there a growing number of similar books.

Half a dozen reasons have been identified for the longevity of the blue zones populations.  One of the common denominators is that these people eat less than the standard westerner.  Proof if ever more proof were needed that eating less, thus conserving valuable energy rather than continually expending it on digesting food stuffs does in fact extend ones life.

So what it boils down to is the choices we make.  You can choose to graze all day long, or eat three standard meals a day or you can choose to eat less, less often and base your diet on natural foods depending on how long you wish to live.  It’s that simply, you really do have the responsibility to choose.

Why Diets Don’t Work?

Also unlike diets, eating nature’s food won’t provoke anyone to actually gain weight or harm health. Diets don’t work, they create a vicious cycle of victim mentality so that’s a given!  To starve the body of key nutrients is detrimental both physically and mentally.  If we feel deprived, we’re unhappy and we are unhappy when we’re starved of the right nutrients, which is why we experience cravings.  Consequently we now have a western population that has never been so overweight, yet so malnourished and there lies the real health issue!

Detoxing vs. Dieting?

Let’s get this point straight, detoxing is not the same as dieting!  It’s not a simple as saying dieting is bad (which it is) or that detoxing is good (which it is).  It’s the definition of detoxing that’s important and of course, it will mean different things to different people depending on where they are starting from.

Essentially though, detoxing helps people break their habitual yoyo dieting.  It gives them a physical and mental break (brain fog is quite simply a food hangover).  Essentially though, it helps people get back in touch with their inner selves for instance, like knowing when hunger is really thirst.

Of course we may well get excited about loosing a few pounds (of water rather than fat) in the early days of a juice feast (or water fast which is not recommended, especially without supervision) see juice feasting article click here.  However,  detoxing does enable the person involved to kick-start their journey to improved health in more ways than just what they eat.

Once the many benefits of detoxing have been experienced, it tends to play a positive role in a person’s health protocol i.e. adopting a mono diet or fast or juice feast one day a week, or 7 days once a quarter and so on.

Anyone who’s gone through a detox knows it’s not always easy.  There may be a healing crisis to overcome (like a migraine) which is just toxins resurfacing into the blood stream so they can be successfully eliminated from where they’ve been dormant.

Once the initial discomfort which is usually minor has passed, the clarity and wisdom experienced post detox about what a person wants for the remainder of their years becomes more conscious and mindful. Surely, that’s got to be a good thing, no matter how many times we fall of the health wagon, a detox is simply a good way of getting back on track with what we know intuitively to be best for us.

Regarding the fact that some people say ‘the liver and kidneys do a satisfactory job’ is true.  But that’s not to say many people’s organs couldn’t do with, or need actual support in reducing the burden placed on them 24/7!

Anyway, to live a healthy vibrant life is not to live with mere satisfaction is it!  Just because these organs are functioning ‘satisfactorily’ doesn’t mean a person is healthy just as the absence of disease doesn’t mean one is healthy!  Giving your digestion a much-needed break from eating a standard American diet (appropriately abbreviated as S.A.D.), is not sabotaging your diet at all.  Nor does it kill good bacteria (it does the opposite), nor does it make your body prone to infections and diseases; again, it does the opposite.

The process of digesting food uses the biggest reserve of energy of practically anything else we’re ever likely to do (some have likened it to running a marathon every day).  Therefore, to stop eating for a short time, be it a one day a week fast, a regular juice feast of 7 days, or practicing a mono diet (preferably from a place of knowledge or under supervision) can only be a good thing.  This is borne out by the fact tribes have used this method of healing the mind, body and spirit for all of time.

Let’s face it, when the body gets sick, we lose our appetite.  It’s our bodies’ way of redirecting much-needed energy reserves.  Forcing someone to eat ‘chicken soup’ when they are sick just goes against nature and common sense.  Animals don’t eat when they are sick because they intuitively know better than us.  Humans today have simply lost touch with their senses being as they are, so desensitized by man-made food stuffs and drugs.

By man-made food stuffs I include anything that needs a label to describe it and its contents.  Nature’s food doesn’t need a label.  The need for a label simply means a food item that is adulterated, fortified, refined and is no longer a natural food item.  That’s the real reason why our livers and kidneys can no longer detox satisfactorily because we are no longer eating nature’s food!

We’ve been conditioned to eat man-made food stuffs three times a day regardless of whether or not our body clock says we’re hungry.  Combine that with the cocktail of drugs people are pumping into themselves (and if you drink tap water that includes you – think about it, it’s shocking but true) and we have as a consequence, people who are walking around constipated.  People who are full of fermenting, putrefying foods that are creating a build up of toxins and the perfect environment for disease.  And there lies the real health problem we face in the 21st Century!  Over 70% of ailments taken to the Drs today are simply due to this single issue – constipation, so how anyone can say that detoxing is harmful to health doesn’t make sense.

Dawn Campbell

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