Is Detoxing with the Detox Diet Good for You?

Gaining a Sense of Control?

Yes, detoxing may well give some people a sense of control and I say amen to that.  Anything that takes away control from the food industry is a good thing.  People must start thinking for themselves if they are to live a more than ‘satisfactory’ life.  Trouble is, so many people settle for less so that’s what they get hence today’s ridiculously low life average expectancy.  Of course people will say but we’re living longer, actually, I’d argue that we’re simply dying slower thanks to the pharmaceutical industry.

Fellow health seekers know that detoxing is an important part of their health regime because in today’s environment, our bodies cannot physically cope with 21st Century demands.  So if you’d prefer to die of old age like they do in the East rather than disease and pumped full of drugs like we tend to do in the West, then I say get informed.  Knowledge is power, power gives you choices only then can you become your own health guru and live your life with abundant and vibrant health because ‘satisfactory’ simply isn’t good enough!

Remember, it’s not where we start that matters, it’s where we end up that counts.

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Editor’s note:

We encourage discussion and healthy debate on important issues.  Lately, we’ve had guest bloggers share a variety of dietary viewpoints from vegetarians, ‘meat eaters’ diet, to vegan diets.  In a previous posts, one of our guest authors expressed an opposing view about detox diets in an article titled, “Why Detox Diets Are Toxic For Your Health?“  For our readers, what are your thoughts about detox diets or detoxing?



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