Diabetes News – What Works and What Does Not

The great thing about this modern-day health industry is that every now and then, some new study or research pops up.

In two separate studies, it is found that, eating fruits like blueberries, apples and pears will help in lowering the risk of diabetes, while on the other hand eating white rice might increase the risk of diabetes. This is based on association only; no proof has yet been discovered.

Before we move further, here is a brief overview of diabetes. Our body produces insulin that breaks down glucose present in the blood, into energy. If you have diabetes, then your body won’t be able to produce or perhaps use insulin. This, loss of ability, will result in increased blood glucose levels causing diabetes.

5 Foods that Will Help You to Prevent Diabetes:

1) Fresh Fruits – As the studies mentioned earlier, fresh fruits are always the best option, when it comes to fight or prevent diabetes. However, certain fruits are high in glucose, so make sure to consult your dietician before starting on fruits intake.

2) Vegetables – Make salads part of your regular diet. Visit farmers market every now and often and always come up with a new kind of vegetable. Adding fiber in your diet will surely help in fighting diabetes. The regular intake of fiber rich foods, like green vegetables or apple skin etc. will lower blood sugar levels.

3) Drink Water – Drinking enough water everyday can help in preventing diabetes, as the body will be able to manage blood sugar better. So, from now on, stop drinking those soft drinks and start to replace them with clean drinking water.

4) Whole Grains – You must have heard before, how whole a grain is good for your health, but unless you put it in effect, nothing good will happen. Use the wide range of whole wheat, grains, oats etc. and make it a regular part of your food intake.

5) Coffee – This might sound strange to many, but coffee drinking has been connected to reduced risk of diabetes.

[box type=”note”]Also some recent health news suggests that Vitamin D, Cinnamon, and Almonds may play an important role in preventing diabetes.[/box]

5 Foods to Avoid if You Have Diabetes:

1) Dairy Products – Basically the high fat ones you should avoid; try the low-fat alternatives of those dairy products and you should be fine.

2) Animal Proteins – Cut down on your intake of beef, sausage, bacon etc. All of these are high in saturated fats.

3) Processed Snacks – These are the worst kind of foods if you are a diabetes patient, loaded with Trans fat, processed foods should be avoided. Try replacing these with the healthy alternatives, such as fresh fruits or salads.

4) Egg yolk – High fat animal proteins should be avoided at all costs. Egg yolks and other organ based meats should not be a part of your diet. These are the sources of cholesterol and are not good.

5) French Fries – While tasty, these are high in sodium content, so keep away from them.

While, eating healthy foods is surely a good way to fight or prevent diabetes, we should not forget the other aspects as well. Exercise being a top requirement to fight diabetes, should be a top priority in your daily schedule. It is suggested that a combination of weight exercises and the free hand aerobics gives the best results.

Also, in the field of diabetes news, new research keeps coming every day. Keep an eye on the internet and make sure to stay on top of things, that way, when good news regarding some diabetes study comes up, you will be the first one to know.

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