Did You Know That You Can Lose Weight without Exercising?

Battling excess weight has turned out to be one of the most challenging, frustrating and the emotionally draining experience for most individuals. Despite the numerous options that can be used to aid in shedding the excess pounds, it is still alarming to find that a good number of people are yet unable to find suitable options to fight the nuisance.

Statistics shows that up to two-thirds of the adult population and a third of the young generation are now overweight. In addition, the obesity rates are rising at an alarming rate.


State of Fitness in America?

One of the most effective ways to lose weight is through exercise. On the contrary, very few people are willing to go for work outs simple because the tasks involved are strenuous and tiring. This, however, does not mean that those who hate exercises should give up and succumb to the dangers of excessive weight. In fact, there are other simple but effective measures that can be used to shed the pounds without the need to participate in strenuous exercises. For instance, getting the best billiard supplies (www.tmart.com) can enable you to lose weight with time.

Of all the recent concerns about America’s obesity epidemic, two basic principles underly the root cause–sedentary lifestyles and nutrient-poor / calorie dense food.  While you can lose weight without exercising, we’re certainly not suggesting that’s the best option.

Effective measures to lose weight without exercise

1. Drink plenty of water

Water is an essential natural solvent in the body. Besides keeping us hydrated, drinking plenty of water aids in portion control. Therefore drinking plenty of water will make you feel satisfied hence consume less. A recent study that was conducted also revealed that water speeds up the rates of metabolism. When metabolism is hastened, more calories will be burned down leading to weight loss. It has also been found out that drinking plenty of water reduces the cravings for sugary food like juice and sodas which are associated with weight gain.

2. Get rid of stress at all costs

It pays to make fun about life. Stress triggers weight gain by triggering the body to demand more calories. It is important that we take time to relax and unwind our bodies. The best way to eliminate stress is by engaging in fun activities like dancing and shopping – such activities are known as natural calorie burners. You can also get yoga supplies (www.tmart.com/Yoga-Supplies/) to use in your own free time.

3. Get sufficient sleep

Life is full of hectic and frustrating activities that can contribute to excessive weight gain. It is important to treat our bodies like machines and therefore sufficient sleep is important. Sleep not only strengthens the immune system, it also assists in restoring healthy eating habits. Research has revealed that individuals who are sleepy tend to eat more because the body does not function properly when it is sleep-deprived. Did you know that inadequate sleep results in an extra 3 pounds in a year?

It seems counterintuitive to most of us, but did you know that you can lose more weight by doing something very very easy?  Yes, that’s right you can lose more body fat by sleeping more.

Not getting enough sleep could be one of the reasons why you’re gaining weight…

4. Watch what you eat

One of the worst activities that we can do while trying to lose weight is to deprive our bodies of food. It is advisable to eat healthy food than eat less food. It is advisable to obtain sufficient knowledge on the type of food that we should avoid that to reduce the food intake altogether.

With the recent popularity of movies like Forks Over Knives and the publicity surrounding the China Study (a whole food plant-based movement)–more an more people are contemplating switching to a Vegan or Vegetarian diet to lose weight.

5. Zerona Cold Laser

For those who have more money to burn than time to commit to exercising, there’s another option that’s less invasive than liposuction.  You can always consider try zapping those pesky fat cells with the Zerona cold laser.

Weight loss is a process that is neither dependent on rules, neither does it depend on miracles to happen. It only requires us to do what is expected in the right time. Do not overdo it either!  Be happy and healthy!

Cheney Austin

The author of this post is Cheney. She is an ardent blogger and likes to read health books in her free time. Visit her website: www.tmart.com/.

2 thoughts on “Did You Know That You Can Lose Weight without Exercising?

  • June 13, 2013 at 1:21 pm

    It’s so true about drinking more water. It helps keep your digestive system working more efficiently as well as reducing hunger cravings. It’s the best diet change you can make in my opinion.

    • June 16, 2013 at 2:46 pm

      Agreed..not only is thirst often confused for hunger, the health benefits of proper hydration go well beyond weight loss


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