Different Types Of Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry is one branch of the dentistry that relates to fixing the dental problems. Every one of us wants to have shiny white and beautiful teeth devoid by any kind of defect. But not everyone is too lucky and they must deal with dental disorders in their life time. Restorative dentistry offer different procedures to help individuals greatly in working with several types of dental issues.

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Whether you have bad shaped teeth or damaged teeth or teeth with some brownish or black patches, this is the right option to get back the perfect shining teeth. People who have plunged into depression because of missing teeth, may also acquire this treatment in order to rejuvenate their mind along with smile.

With dental restoration procedures the dentist will restore or replace the missing teeth or even missing parts of your tooth structure. Usually natural tooth structure can be missed because of deterioration of the previously placed restoration, tooth fracture, or decay.

There are several types of dental procedures that come under the term of restorative dentistry. Usually this kind of dentistry is for restoring the functionality of your mouth. As time passes, many individuals have begun to experience cracks, teeth cavities, decay and more even that will interfere with their teeth’s functionality.

Dental Crown: This method is used to restore decayed or broken tooth. Sometimes your teeth become broken or decayed, but the tooth root is still in perfectly good condition. In this case dental crown is the best choice for individuals who are facing this problem. Dental crown will offer a covering for the total decayed or broken tooth which is above to gum line to provide strength to broken teeth.

To get these dental crowns you may need at least 2 appointments, based on the type of your dentist. Because the teeth impressions will be made in first visit. And in next visit they will fix the artificial tooth according to the impression taken previously.

Dental Fillings: These are the most common kind of dental restoration. Chipped or ruined teeth could be filled using silver, gold amalgam, or even tooth colored glass and plastic materials known as composite resin fillings.

Dental Implants: Dental implants are perfectly suitable to replace the missing teeth.  This is the significant part of the restorative dentistry. This could be the permanent solution for lost tooth. Actually implants are artificial tooth that are used by the restorative dentist in order to fix the missing teeth or tooth. Missing Teeth can lead to so many difficulties while having food, smiling broadly. Dental implants will be mounted on jawbone within gums for offering support to the enamel bridges and dentures.

Dental Bridges: These are perfect for filling the teeth gaps that appear due to missing teeth. As the term itself implying the bridge, this bridges the teeth gap of missing teeth. These dental bridges comprise of the tooth held together with two crowns. These type of false teeth are called as pontics. Pontics can consist of porcelain, gold or alloys as wished by the individual. An individual have to take proper care of their dental bridges to extend their lifetime and also to maintain good dental health. So Teeth brushing and dental flossing are also very important things.

Porcelain Veneers:  These are thin tooth colored, custom-made shells, which are bonded onto the front part of teeth in order to create a beautiful smile. Porcelain veneers can be helpful in restoring the discoloured, misaligned, or damaged teeth. These are the best source to correct chipped, cracked or broken teeth.  A porcelain wafer layer is used to bond your broken or cracked teeth portion. This bonding can be performed both physically and chemically. These days the porcelain veneers available are natural looking and very thin. No one can recognize that your dental bondings are artificial. There is absolutely no way to find until you reveal.

Porcelain Crowns: It is another method to correct the dental defects. This is a type of restoration dentistry, which is useful for covering the teeth portion that has dark metal fillings. Such dark fillings on teeth may look ugly if a person smiles. Thus, porcelain crowns are using to cover such dark fillings.

Dentures: This is removable replacement solution for lost teeth and also surrounding teeth tissues.  Dentures are made with acrylic resin and sometimes combined with the metal attachments. Dentures can replace all teeth. Sometimes partial dentures are considered when few natural teeth still remain in mouth and are retained by the metal caps attached to natural teeth.

Full Mouth Reconstruction: Some severe dental problems may often need no less than the full mouth reconstruction. An individual can enjoy the new smile with the new leash of good oral after having the restorative and cosmetic dentistry methods.

There are so many restorative dentistry methods that are often used for repairing the dental problems. Best technology has managed in order to acquire possible to fix nearly all types of dental issues. All you need to do is consult a professional dentist and know about the best suitable and beneficial method for your situation.

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