Digital Health: How The Internet Affects Our Health?

It goes without saying that physical activity is good for our health. Medical professionals tell us that a healthy diet and a workout regimen is the best way to avoid health concerns like heart disease and obesity Although there is a giant amount of wellness information and education at our fingertips 24 hours a day, it’s easier than ever to live a sedentary lifestyle.

15-20 years ago health plans were designed to get people off their couches and away from their televisions. Today, one of the biggest contributors to adapting a couch-potato lifestyle is the computer and Internet.

That’s not to say the Internet isn’t the best thing since sliced bread. The Internet is a constant source of entertainment and education. Not only do we browse stories and news online, but with the boom of video streaming companies like Netflix and Hulu, we all-of-a-sudden have endless hours of on-demand television and movies at our fingertips. The Internet can be a dangerous place in terms of falling into an unhealthy lifestyle.

Sitting at Your Computer Can be Deadly

Sitting in the same position for too long actually stops the body from performing its natural functions. Our muscles need to receive oxygenated blood from body movement. When we don’t move, our bodies suffer circulation problems we otherwise wouldn’t experience with a little physical activity.

When we’re not exercising, our food’s energy is being stored in fat cells. The mind and body become sluggish, fatigued and wide open to a host of health concerns.

Sitting at the Computer?

People think that a little sitting at the computer isn’t such a bad thing. They think they walk to the fridge or they walk outside to get the mail or take out the recycle bins and trash, so they’re getting exercise. That isn’t quite correct, though.

When certain muscle groups are targeted in our workouts, our other muscle groups naturally receive oxygenated blood pumping throughout our entire body. While lifting the recycle bucket to take it to the curb is, actually, exercise, the body needs a longer period of time to work out those muscles instead of just five minutes. It works out the whole body, not just one muscle group.

Using the Internet to Get Healthy

The Internet allows the medical community to connect instantly with pharmacies, specialists, rehab facilities and their patients. Not only are health professionals using web solutions to improve our health, but the Internet is stocked with valuable information about living healthy lifestyles.

We use the Internet to educate ourselves on all kinds of healthy ways of living. We already use the Internet to watch television shows and movies, how about some videos on great workout regimens? Why not subscribe to some healthy-living blogs? The Internet can be dangerous, but it can also encourage wellness!

By now, people are aware of many things and are actively searching for more natural ways of fixing many problems, health and otherwise. Searching the web for answers isn’t a bad idea, but gluing the body to it is. Recognizing the signs of too little exercise will save a life.

How have you found advances in technology have affected your physical activity levels/diet?

Justin Shimp

Justin Shimp works as a digital handyman at SmallBox Web Design.

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  • September 15, 2011 at 6:47 am

    Internet has bad and good effects on health. If yo sit long time in front of your computer it may harm your health. But you can use internet in your favor such as reading and gaining health knowledge by reading good health blogs such as hive-health-media and by finding good health info.


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