Being Disabled Isn’t the End of the World

It might sound kind of harsh to make a statement like this but there is a deeper meaning with it, and that’s helping you to change the way you are thinking about your disability and what you can and can’t do anymore.

So instead of you having to go through all the same things I did when I got disabled, you should with this article be able to skip a few or more phases thereby finding your new life faster and easier. And it doesn’t matter if you were very active like me or not, in the end it’s the same end result.

One of the main things that keeps you from your new life as a disabled is not necessary your disability as much as your way of thinking, i.e. It’s here you have to make one of the largest changes in order to get your life back on track.

But this change can be very hard to make and it will take some time before you are ready to make it, but if you are ready and willing to make it then it will change your life forever.

So what is this Holy Grail, it’s in all its simplicity that you stop thinking “I could do this, I could do that but now I can’t do anything anymore” and start thinking “I can do this, I can do this now and that’s just fine and so on” thus meaning that you stop focusing on the past and start focusing on the present and the future.

It might sound like a small thing but that can’t be further from the truth and you have to be disabled in order to understand how big a step this is, but to give you some idea on how difficult this is. I can tell you that this step took me more than 2 years to complete, I was dwelling on what I couldn’t do and feeling sorry about myself and all the things that I couldn’t do anymore.

An example on a change could be something like this I did.

As I previously wrote I was very active before my accident, I was for example training myself up to run a marathon. But after the accident I changed this to what can you do as a disabled and how do you get the exercise that you want to do and need, but also writing about it to help others and of course myself. This led me to make a website about health, diet and exercise, were I write about all these things.

So keep you hobbies but make a spin on them, making them into to a quest on how you can make this something other disabled can do also.

If you can’t keep your hobbies, then find new ones that you can and want to have, it can be writing articles, helping others, cooking like i did but it’s all up to you all that matters is that you would like to spend time one it.
This will give you two things, the first is you will get on with your new life and the second it will give you something to focus on.


But in the end it all comes down to, are you ready to change your life.?

Jimmy Sigenstroem

Jimmy was in 2007 hit by a car resulting in a torn shoulder tendon, problems down the arm and hand, a broken hip, whiplash with nerve damage cognitive problems and some pain. But he has since chosen to use his energy to run a health blog and website where you can read about diet, exercise and other related ac items you can also use some of the tools available on the website such as a bmi beregner calculator, body fat, just to mention 2

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