Discover Your Inner Peace with Meditation

Do you feel that life is always filled with stress?  Then you need to take steps to attain inner peace, so that you can experience the joys of life.  Meditation is the wonderful way to achieve inner peace. There are many meditation techniques that help you to calm your mind and experience deep relaxation. They aid to relieve your physical and mental stress and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

If you find it difficult to choose a meditation technique or are often unable to relax and focus, you can get the help of a guru. Guided meditation makes it easy to manage and tap into the power of your mind. The guidance of a master can help you make use of the massive untapped power inside you to create the life you deserve to live.  Guided meditation can help calm your emotions and relax to reduce stress.

Relaxation Meditation Techniques

Relaxation meditation technique can help you reduce stress and achieve tranquillity. Practising the right technique daily helps dissolve your anger, irritation, fear and feeling of insecurity. It promotes calmness and harmony.  If you are a beginner, you can try a simple relaxation meditation technique.

  • Sit in a comfortable place
  • Keep your hands in a prayer pose.
  • Have your eyes slightly opened.
  • Take long deep breaths.
  • Breathe in and breathe out slowly through your mouth. The air you breathe out needs to hit your thumbs and enter the space between your palms.
  • Continue the same for a few minutes

This meditation technique helps you to achieve ultimate relaxation. You can start getting relief from anger and stress. Practising this technique daily can help you achieve mental and emotional peace. You can even try this technique keeping your eyes closed.

Mantra Meditation

Mantra mediation is an easy and effective technique that helps you attain inner peace. You can choose any mantra like Om, Om tat sat and peace to get focus. You can begin chanting the mantra verbally. Once it has got influential roots in your mind, you can start saying the mantra internally.  Guided meditation CDs and MP3 can help you get more concentration. The vibration created by the mantra in the voice of the master can help you achieve inner quietness quickly and easily.

Breathing and Visualization Techniques

Meditation techniques such as breathing and visualization techniques help you get inner peace and joy. Spending a few minutes daily to practice these techniques can help you get more joy in your day-to-day life.

  • Find a comfortable, quiet place
  • Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing
  • Feel yourself in the midst of serenity
  • In your mind’s eye, visualize golden bubbles of time, every time you breathe out.
  • Imagine that these bubbles are joys and each time you reach out a pop one.
  • Pop as many bubbles as you can.
  • Imagine glowing streams of joy flowing through your hand and enter into your heart chakra, offering inner peace.

Meditation techniques can help you get relief from stress, depression and anxiety. Choosing the right technique and practicing it with the guidance of a guru can help you get a feeling of completeness.

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