Think Before You Dive Into That Celebrity Crash Diet

Which body did Christian Bale achieve through crash dieting???

We’ve all made the mistake before – seen the latest diet that’s being promoted in the media or that all of our friends are talking about and thought about jumping on the bandwagon ourselves.

There’s no denying the fact that when it comes to fat loss diets, the options are plentiful. There are literally hundreds of different diets to choose from – it can get rather overwhelming.

Sadly, many of these diets are completely unsound as well. Sure, they may appear great on paper with all their promises of the rapid fat loss results they’re going to bring you, but before you dive onto them, you might want to think twice.

The real life results they bring are not going to be what you expect.

Let’s have a quick peak at some of the biggest problems associated with crash diets.

Crash Diets And Your Metabolic Rate

The first big problem with crash diets is what they’ll do to your metabolic rate. Many crash diets contain 500 or fewer calories per day, which isn’t enough for even the smallest person to function off of.

As a result, your metabolism will slow to a crawl and when you finally do begin eating more food again, you’ll quickly pack on the pounds in a hurry. Your body will be running on super slow speed and the minute more food becomes available is the minute that you start converting it to body fat like crazy.

Crash Diets And Your Nutrition Status

Next, crash diets are also going to impact your nutrition status. In order to get in the full spectrum of nutrients that you need on a daily basis, it’s vital that you take in a wide variety of foods.

  • On a diet that only provides a mere few hundred calories however, this gets exceptionally hard to do.
  • Most crash diets are low in protein, calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, as well as many other essential nutrients for good health.
  • You’ll start feeling less energized throughout the day while using these and sooner or later, more serious health concerns may set in.

Crash Diets And Lean Muscle Mass

Moving along, the third issue with that crash diet that seems so impressive and tempting to use is the fact that it’s going to lead to a loss of lean muscle mass tissue as well.  When you aren’t providing your body enough protein to meet your essential daily requirements, it’s going to start searching out for that protein somewhere.

And where will it get it from?

Your lean muscle mass tissue. Your muscles are the body’s storage house for protein, so when it falls short, they’re the go-to source. Less muscle mass means a slower metabolic rate for you, leading to even further problems melting off body fat.

Crash Diets And Workout Performance

Ever tried to workout on an empty tank? If you’ve ever woken up first thing in the morning and hit the gym before eating, you know how fast fatigue set in.

On a crash diet, this will be the case at all times throughout the day. Exercise demands energy from the body and crash diets are just not going to provide that energy. If you hope to sustain intense workout sessions, they are just not the way to go.

Crash Diets And Weight Re-Gain

Finally, the last big problem with crash diet is the fact that they are going to almost always be short-lived.

Few people will ever be able to stick with a crash diet more than a week or so as they are just far too restrictive. And, as soon as you come off the crash diet, you may ‘rebound eat’ because you have felt so deprived over the last little while that this will cause you to take in an enormous amount of calories. Deprivation is never a good thing as far as maintaining healthy relationship with food is concerned and crash diets only promote this.

So think twice before you dive onto a crash diet plan. They really aren’t the effective diet approaches that you think they are and will do far more harm than good.

Lindsay Fox

Lindsay has been a health writer since 2002. As a member of Tobacco Free Kids, International Women's Association, she specializes in smoking cessation with the use of electronic cigarettes and meditation.

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