Does Size Really Matter? New Study Results…

A sexual survey among more than 320 women in Scotland has found a link between penis size and female sexual satisfaction. The Scottish researchers into the psychology of sex, concluded that most women achieve more orgasmic pleasure if their partner’s penis is above a certain size. And that size is 14.9 centimetres or 5.8 inches. This is generally considered to be the average penis size in the male population.

So it would seem that men are right to be anxious about the length of their manhood, if they are below average. It is not just a stereotype grown out of cultural, sexual folklore, that size is important to many women. Guys, you need to look to your laurels and no longer rely on those comforting sayings like; ‘they all fit!’ or ‘it’s how you use it that counts’. But remember it is just one anxiety among many in the mating game.

How are your intelligence and personality traits perceived by the opposite sex? What about your sense of humour, social standing, how tall you are or any of the other things that may be looked upon with favoured by women everywhere?

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Three hundred and twenty-three heterosexual females in Scotland told researchers that they had orgasms more readily when their lover’s penis was above average length. Vaginal orgasms were more numerous among those ladies when they had intercourse with ‘bigger’ men. The researchers thought that this effect may be down to the increased surface area of friction generated the full length of the cervix and vagina.

The results and conclusions of the research are published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. But vital statistics do not tell the whole story of course. It was true only for certain women and certain types of orgasm. It is a survey not an experiment and the respondents who reported frequent orgasms originating in the vagina were in all likelihood going to also report easier climaxing because of their partner’s bigger penis.

The psychologists at the University of the West of Scotland quizzed the women in their sample around their earlier sexual experiences and how they rated the importance of full intercourse as well as other sexual practices. They were also asked about current sexual behaviors and whether they believed the length of penis had an influence over their achievement of orgasm with penetrative sex.

The key question was whether the women were more likely to experience vaginal orgasms with either:

a) a ‘longer than average penis or

b) a shorter than average penis.

The women who said they had the highest frequency of orgasm in the last month were the same women who chose a). The same journal published a study recently that documented remarkable, first time evidence of the separate and distinct nature of vaginal and clitoral orgasms. This is a finding that does not have much backing in sexual health circles.

Claire Al-Aufi

Claire Al-Aufi is a contributing author for Hive Health Media who provides updates on health and fitness news.

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  • February 2, 2013 at 6:37 pm

    Well Size Does not Matter , Its how You Perform anything above 4 Inches Is Satisfactory Research says
    It depends how Long You Last how u turn her On Etc
    Its not About the Size Of The wand Its The magic In it.


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