Does the Mind-Body Healing Technique Improve Depression?

Is depression controlling your life? Do you often struggle to overcome it?   Well, our daily hectic lives are often responsible for building up stress hormones. The growth of cortisol can lead to several sleepless nights and other health issues. One such common issue faced by most of the people is depression. On top of that, the misconception associated with depression is the belief that it cannot be treated naturally. It is typically a complex disease that can happen due to multiple factors including biological, emotional or environmental influences. However, reading this blog post can highly change this belief as you will be aware of the most interesting approach to treat your problem.

You must be curious enough to discover this approach to combat depression. Well, it is nothing but our favorite spa and massage therapy and acupuncture that can accomplish behavioral changes that normal medication and psychotherapy fail to do. The massage therapy with its aim to cure depression can transform an individual from a hopeless and helpless state to a confident person. Therefore, let us understand the therapeutic value in battling depression.

Spa and Massage Therapy and Acupuncture

Depression and Isolation

Typically, depression can make people isolate themselves from the palpable stimulation, eventually worsening their depression. The touch of massage therapy can significantly improve the efficiency of pituitary-adrenal axis.

The balancing of neurotransmitter and hormones can be influenced naturally with spa. The serotonin and endorphins function to make human beings feel happy and good while cortisol functions to cause stress and pain. It is observed that massage therapy enhances the level of serotonin and endorphins and reduces the circulating levels of cortisol. Aroma used during the massage is the key component in reducing cortisol level through diaphragmatic breathing of essential oils.

Right and left lobe brain symmetry reduces depression vulnerability. Research shows that massage affects mood and indicates a transferral in the electroencephalogram activation from the right frontal lobe (related to sad affect) towards the left frontal lobe (related to happy affect).

Acupuncture for depression?

Acupuncturists also realize the relationship between the body and emotion. When you are emotionally disturbed, your body is disordered. When this disruption arises, it eventually affects the harmony of the body and the imbalances ultimately lead to depression. Therefore, acupuncture has been discovered to relieve the pain and discomfort allied to the body. The needles are slender and are about the width of two human hairs. The treatment is always carried out with disposable and sterile needles and has proved to be one of the most effective methods to help with depression.

Depression accompanies complex emotional issues and massage and acupuncture are known to improve its symptoms. However, a therapist should be cautious while dealing with depressed patients. If any of their clients express thoughts about suicide, it should be noted and given prior importance from the initial stage.

You can find different styles of massage therapy.  Some massages involve direct contact with the skin while others involve over the clothes massage. As mentioned previously, some styles also involve acupuncture needles to cure depression. Here is a list of different types of massages you can try to help yourself.

Aromatherapy massages:

This technique entails massage with scented oils as per the requirement of the individuals. The scent or aroma can energize a person and help to reduce stress.


This style involves the principles of acupuncture, focusing on specific points on the body. However, this technique does not require any needle. The pressure used in this therapy is firmer than any other method.

Hot stone massage:

This method is common in spa and involves warm flat stones placed on the body to relax the muscle. The massage therapists also apply pressure to the stones to relieve muscle tension.

Deep tissue massage:

This is used to focus on the muscles closest, bones and the connective tissues.  Deep tissue massage helps to release the tight muscle from the stress.


This technique targets the line in the feet that corresponds to the organs and system of the body.

Swedish massage:

It is one of the gentle methods that involve smooth and spherical kneading actions to the muscle.

Chair massage:

This style entails a person sitting on a special chair and lean forward to a headrest. Chair massage does not require much of time and does not need a person to remove their outfits for the massage.

The spa has the ability to enhance the feeling of well-being and is one of the most promising treatments for fighting depression.

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