Dr. Melissa Wikoff: Her Mission – Help Those with Hearing Loss

Millions suffer from hearing issues worldwide. There exist a number of compelling reasons why hearing individuals should learn sign language. It goes a long way in bridging the gap between those who can hear and those who cannot. However, many people develop hearing loss for which proper clinical treatment becomes essential. While for some the causes can be more gradual like the natural decline in auditory senses with age or years of exposure to loud noises (habitual listening to loud music, noisy working environments etc), others might lose their hearing due to trauma or undiagnosed medical issue. Hearing loss due to accidents is not uncommon. Hitting one’s head in a fall or a powerful blow to the head might cause tinnitus (ringing buzzing sound in the ear), inner ear concussion and finally lead to partial or complete loss of hearing. Whatever the cause, not being able to hear properly can affect one’s work and social life. Those with hearing impairment go through several stages of denial, anger, and isolation. First, the problem is ignored and left undiagnosed. Then the usual conversations with people become irritating as they attempt to read lips, ask for repetitions and understand misconstrue the original meaning. Finally, they start avoiding conversation and social interaction altogether. For Dr. Melissa Wikoff and her husband Josh Wikoff, this was absolutely unacceptable. With a missionary zeal, they have set off on a journey to help those suffering from hearing loss, one individual at a time.


Many of us have at least once in our lives interacted with someone dealing with hearing loss. It began as a catalyst of inspiration when young Melissa realized her grandfather couldn’t hear her normal conversations. She would jokingly test the hearing of her grandfather by speaking with varying loudness. Soon, the little girl realized that it was not at all fun for him and his predicament was causing a lot of trouble in his life. She no longer would be able to have lovely evening conversations in the backyard with her Granddad. Like most in denial about hearing loss he attempted to cope, but over the telephone reading lips was not an option. Melissa knew there had to be a way to help him and many others. This was the starting of her life-long journey as she set her goal to become one of the most respected and sought-after audiologists. She studied at Washington University, learning every nuisance, coupled with new technologies and emerging methodologies. She went through rigorous testing and served as an intern to put her education into practice. After comprehensive training, she has successfully completed the first step towards her dream.


Awareness and Education: Ending societal stigmas

While hearing problems are not uncommon among people, the stigmatism attached to “cold, uncaring” Doctors’ offices often result in delays and complete avoidance. Millions develop hearing issues each year but unfortunately it is reported that only about 12% of them visit an audiologist at the right time. Excuses could be as vain as not wanting to wear a hearing aid, or as legitimate as lack of funds. At PeachTree Hearing, they understand every individual who enters the doors of the clinic is a unique human-being, requiring specialized, custom care. Previous data, analytics, and past experiences are combined with this approach to treat every patient in a way which is most comfortable to her or him. There is a wide difference between seeking an audiologist’s assistance and simply buying a hearing aid at a retail store, hoping one size fits all. Being truly motivated to help people, Dr. Melissa thoroughly examines the problem and decides whether the issue can be resolved with a hearing aid or other means. If a hearing aid is needed, the right type is ordered and upon delivery proper adjustment, optimum sound amplification and clarity are ensured. She has excellent training in her field along with first-class diagnostic treatment and communication skills. She exhibits the uncanny ability in building relationships with patients while remaining completely professional. This makes her patients feel secure and less apprehensive.


Hearing and Balance: How one affects the other

Balance, vertigo and overall dizziness can be a symptom related to hearing or ear health. The inner ear along with eyes and other senses send messages to the brain regarding the balance of the body. Any problem in ears can send faulty messages, confusing the brain causing disorientation. Incoming patients are asked to fill a detailed intake form as every bit of information can become a crucial clue in diagnosing the root cause. A person who suffers hearing loss may suffer from loneliness, social isolation and loss of independence. To combat these negative influences, PeachTree Hearing strives to provide a warm, friendly and healing environment. Having state of the art technology and being open to workflow changes, they are able to handle patients in a seamless way. Dr. Melissa believes in treating every patient like they are from her own family. She provides basic necessary information on the problem being faced, the root cause, the treatment and guidelines post treatment. Her inspiration comes from her desire to restore the joyful relationship between grandparents and grand-children. Remaining focused on her initial goals, she makes pro-bono visits to William Brehman Jewish Home in Atlanta to give back to the community as much as she can. If you live near Marietta Georgia, you can visit their storefront location or you can contact Melissa using the details given below.


Parkaire Medical Center

4939 Lower Roswell Rd.

Building A, Suite 107

Marietta, GA 30068

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