Can Drinking Coffee Prolong Your Life?

Coffee has been one of the world’s most popular beverages for generations. Although many people have loved consuming coffee, they have been concerned about the impact that it may have on their health. Previous research has indicated that coffee could pose a number of health problems, including an increased risk of heart disease.

The Candle that Burns Twice as Bright Burns Half as Long?

[box type=”note”]Some good news has come out for coffee drinkers. A new study has shown that drinking coffee may actually lead to a longer, healthier life. The study’s findings pertained to both consumers who drank decaffeinated and caffeinated coffee.[/box]

The study was led by Neal Freedman of the National Cancer Institute. It evaluated 400,000 people. This was a larger sample size than any other study that has ever been conducted on the topic.

Benefits of Drinking Coffee?

Freedman said that the findings should be encouraging to many people who are scared that drinking coffee may come with a number of unwanted health risks. He pointed out that many people may be highly encouraged when they find that there could actually be a number of benefits to drinking coffee.

While Freedman is encouraged by these findings, he pointed out that neither he nor any of his colleagues could explain them. Thousands of substances are present in coffee that have been known to have a considerable effect on health. Some antioxidants can be beneficial to health. However, there are also a number of free radicals and carcinogens that people need to be aware of when they drink.

Most research has centered around the impact caffeine brings on longevity and overall health, mostly because it is the most active ingredient in coffee. However, Freedman and his colleagues found that caffeine didn’t have any impact on the study’s findings.

Previous studies suggested that coffee drinkers lived shorter lives. However, those studies failed to eliminate other variables that correlated with the tendency to drink coffee. Many coffee drinkers have unhealthy addictions such as excessive alcohol consumption and smoking. Other studies didn’t factor these behaviors out, which could play a substantial role in their conclusions.

[box type=”important”]While the study was encouraging, Freedman and his colleagues acknowledge that they will need to conduct more research to make any conclusive findings.[/box]

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