Drinking Soda or Sugary Beverages Increases Heart Attack Risk

What’s your drink of choice? If you are one of the many fans of sodas or sugary fruit drinks, then you may be setting yourself up for a greater risk of cardiac arrest. Research, which has just been released, linking the consumption of sodas, even just two drinks per day with the concern are that they can increase your heart attack chances by as much as 50%.

Sugary Beverages and Heart Disease

The researchers looked at over 40,000 men and has been going on for two decades. They calculated that the total of men affected by heart attacks both deadly and non fatal was in excess of 3,500. These results were for males but studies involving women also found similar links between sugary drinks and heart disease.

Research into these drinks has shown a clear connection to increase in heart attacks and significantly this connection still remains when the impact of another health affecting life choices such as regularity of exercise, smoking, body mass and alcohol consumption, etc. are factored into the calculation.

Ingredients in Sodas?

Sodas are nearly ALL sugar and water with no added goodness, and the list of negatives associated with these drinks is long: Heart problems, high blood pressure, and weight gain being the obvious. Studies on people who reduced intake of sodas showed a drop in high blood pressure.

A common additive in sodas is phosphate, alternatively known as phosphoric acid. It is flavoring and preservative. An excess of this chemical has been proven to be a factor in many illnesses affecting major organs such as the heart, kidneys also bone density reduction. Even according to some studies it increases the speed of the body aging.

Laboratory testing on rodents involving high phosphate intake, found the animals had a reduced life expectancy when compared to a control group with normal levels of intake. It is the cause of many concerns that levels of this additive have been steadily increased other additives that are causing major concerns, focus on a substance called BVO. When consumed regularly this has been found to be an indicator in nerve damage and memory degeneration.

Moves have also been made to stop the addition of non-natural coloring used to make some of the major sodas. This is due to the dangers perceived from certain methylimidazole substances, which have been indicated as cancer-causing agents in non humans.

As if this were not scary enough the content of sodas is not the only danger involved in their consumption. They are mostly packaged in cans, which contain bisphenol A (BPA), a coating to protect the can fabric from the contents. This substance is acknowledged to be implicated in hormone changes and infertility as well as a number of other problems including cancer.

And finally, folks, there’s no evidence that diet sodas will be any better for you. Man made sweeteners in these drinks leave the body without being broken down, and as they leave sewage and water cleansing facilities also intact, they enter our natural water systems in their complete state. Current studies on 19 U.S. water sources providing our water showed that all had clearly identifiable quantities of the substance sucralose so the chances are you’re drinking it unintentionally. All in all, why take the chance to add to life’s problems when a glass of Adam’s ale can provide all the thirst quenching you need.

Claire Al-Aufi

Claire Al-Aufi is a contributing author for Hive Health Media who provides updates on health and fitness news.

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