Can Driving Too Fast Make You Fat?

Common sense tells us that people who drive fast probably exhibit more impatience than people who drive the speed limit. It stands to reason then that if impatient and stressed drivers pose danger to other motorists, they may also be impatient and stressed eaters…and we all know impatience and stress are two causes of weight gain.

It seems that impatient drivers desire instant-gratification and immediate satisfaction. Regardless of the costs, we all know that impatience leads people to push ahead for what they want without thought or consideration to others or the future. If these fast drivers demonstrate the same impatience when making eating decisions, that can lead poor food choices.

Impatience often leads people to purchase processed or so-called convenience foods. Rather than plan a menu for the week, shop at a grocery store for nutritious meal foods, and chop vegetables and fruits for snacks and meals, impatient people purchase sandwiches on the run or buy heat and eat meals loaded with calories, preservatives, artificial ingredients and little nutritional value.

So is there a link between impatience on the road and poor food choices? What do you think? Have you ever found that impatience raises your stress level during your commute? Have you ever found that being in a hurry helps you justify eating out, or having a cheeseburger instead of a home-made salad?

I thought so.

So, if you’re feeling impatient (either on the road or at the grocery store) take the following actions:

  1. Take a breath and slow down. Fast moves probably won’t help you and definitely could hurt you.
  2. Think about your choices. Is saving a few minutes here or there worth the risks?
  3. In the future, take time to plan ahead. Whether it’s your commute or your next meal, having a plan beforehand increases the chances that you’ll be more careful

Impulsive food choices may produce instant gratification, but unless you have salads and fruit at your fingertips at all times, impulsive food choices will cause you to gain weight. Impatient driving may help you save a few minutes here or there, but it can cause accidents too.

Finally, remember that we are all creatures of habit. If you get into the habit of begin patient, you’ll probably stop speeding on the way to and from work, and you’ll probably start thinking more about the food you eat.

You never know – slowing down and driving the speed limit might just help you lose weight.

Author Jason Lancaster always takes time to smell the roses and writes for Olathe Toyota which offers OEM Toyota parts and genuine Toyota accessories online.

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