Dukan Diet – Is It Really A Fairy Tale?

The Dukan diet was founded by Doctor Pierre Dukan. It was originally thought that the man was a fairy godmother in disguise when celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Gisele Bundchen – and Carole Middleton all started to use the regime to slim down and get into shape.

Recently, though it’s been in the news for all the wrong reasons. In fact, controversy surrounding the Dukan diet is afire. It is now thought that the diet can be a fairy tale in reverse! Apparently, according to Jean Michel Cohen, a nutritionist – the diet can leave dieters fatter then when they started out!

It was reported not long back that even the duchess of Kent bought into the ‘fairy tale’, using the diet to help her slim down for a grand appearance at the ‘royal wedding’. The regime is protein rich, and has become a popular diet around the world. Jean Michael Cohen, the French nutritionist that sparked the cause for concern is now being sued for libel by Pierre Dukan!

He claims that the diet promotes poor health, and the side effects of slimming with the diet can make users prone to destruction, and leave them with extremely serious health problems such as breast problems and a very rapid increase in cholesterol levels.

The Dukan diet has 20 books released for sale, and they have been translated into 14 different languages which should help showcase just how popular the diet became in a short space of time. There have literally been millions of copies of the books sold. On Tuesday, Dukan took his diet critic to court to sue for a small sum of just thirteen thousand Euros.

The Dukan diet founders lawyer, Sebastian Dufay said that they weren’t going to settle until the diet has been cleared. It is certainly not a danger to the French , and Dr. Dukan wants the allegations wiped up . The doctor doesn’t want fame he just wants to help people who have battled with the bulge, slim down and be able to get the figure that they have always wanted. He fully understands how awful it is to be overweight, and designed the diet in an attempt to help people. Let’s hope that the controversy is settled soon.

After all, there’s always a certain element of risk associated to any new diet. It just depends on the person that steps into the regime and how they can make sure that their diet is accompanied by a fitness plan too. You can’t just expect to slim down by taking care of the food side of things, but neglecting healthy sport and exercise. Nothing in life comes for free – and before starting any diet you should visit your doctor for a full check up and medical advice.

The only fairy tales are the ones that we make, and to live happily, you need to be healthy too. Perhaps you should wait before picking up a copy of the Dukan diet though!

Claire Al-Aufi

Claire Al-Aufi is a contributing author for Hive Health Media who provides updates on health and fitness news.

2 thoughts on “Dukan Diet – Is It Really A Fairy Tale?

  • March 14, 2012 at 7:09 am

    I don’t know what 20 books you are talking about.  I just have one and it was enough to get me through the diet.  I feel like his plan to keep of the weight will work, but you have to do the hard work to keep it off.  No matter what you do if you don’t stick to it you are not going to see the results.  Even if you are eating a healthy lifestyle, if you go off that and start eating junk the weight is going to come on again.  I’m on the “phase for life” and I plan to keep the weight off that I’ve lost.  I’m not a person who does “diets” but after seeing someone close to me on it and able to keep the weight off I thought i would do it to get rid of those pesky 15 lbs.  It worked.  I haven’t had any side affects except for realizing the foods that irritate me.  You are right, there are risky results in any healthy eating/exercise plan.  I think it depends on each person and what their bodies can handle.  Thanks for sharing about the Dukan Diet!

  • June 12, 2011 at 3:13 am

    I am normally extremely cynical about any diet plans. To me, it is quite simple. Eat more good stuff, less bad stuff, don’t overdo any of it, and make sure that you exercise. Diet plans usually complicate at best, and mislead at worst.

    My wife, however, recently got a couple of books about the Dukan diet (one is actually a recipe book by a super chef, following the principles of the Dukan diet; the books don’t just repeat the same info!), and I said I wanted to read them before she started to follow this diet.

    Doc Dukan made the important point that no creature will evolve in an environment where the available food fuel sources are unsuitable: we evolved to suit our environment. So early man, which we are biologically no different to, had available just protein, fruit and vegetables. No agriculture had been invented.

    That’s the first part of the puzzle. The second part is that early man had to work damn hard for his food, and both hunting and gathering burn calories in a way that modern life simply does not.

    For the first time, I honestly believe that an intelligent and scientific method of weight control has been described by Doc Dukan, but it’s not a miracle cure for obesity. We still have to have responsibility for ourselves!


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