Easy Ways to Tone up Your Body

Christmas will have forced some of us to gain unwanted weight, but fear not as there are several easy ways of toning up your body without having to do anything drastic to your lifestyle:

The Classi Push Up

Push Ups

Push ups – The benefits of push ups are that they can be done literally anywhere. You don’t need to be a member of a gym or even have that much space on the floor.

Push ups will help add muscle definition to your entire upper body, and will also help you burn some extra calories.

Focus on doing 5-10 sets of push ups each day and within a few weeks you should begin to notice yourself gain a more toned body.


Dinner – The most important meal with regards to weight loss is dinner.  You should aim to make dinner your smallest meal of the day. Try and resist the temptation to have a big portion of food since there’s no need for a large amount of calories before you sleep, the excess calories that you don’t use up will have to be turned into fat.

It’s also worth having a smaller carbohydrate intake at dinner because you should be avoiding the long-lasting energy before going to bed. Compensate for the decreased amount of carbohydrates by increasing your portions of protein and vegetables.

Whey Protein

Whey protein – This popular supplement not only helps people with building muscle, but with losing weight as well. Whey protein shakes are low in calories, carbohydrates and fat, but have plenty of protein which can help suppress hunger. It is especially useful when you want to avoid snacking on something unhealthy in between your meals.

Just make sure you read about the possible whey protein dangers before you purchase your first tub. It’s definitely worth choosing a natural whey product over a cheaper artificially sweetened one.


Sport – Last not but least is sport. If you’re the kind of person that dreads going to the gym to do long cardio sessions, sport is the ideal alternative. There’s no need to do long cardio workouts at the gym if you have an active sport you’re interested in.

Participating in intensive sports such as football, tennis, squash and basketball are a lot of fun, but the added bonus is that you’re improving your fitness, muscle tone and burning a massive amount of calories at the same time. So try to pick the sport your most interested in and take part in a team at your local club, or get one organised with your friends.

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