Eat Kiwi to Shrug Off the Annual Cold

Annual Cold Sufferers

Every year cold air brings the dreaded winter illnesses. The cold spreads like wildfire throughout our kid’s schools and our places of employment. It saps our energy and generally makes us feel like crap. Most colds include symptoms such as:

None of these completely bring us to our knees but man do they make us feel miserable. There was a time when natural remedies were the cornerstone of our medicines. Now, laboratories produce medicines that “cure” our illnesses but, more often than not, cause significant side effects.

Traditional Remedies

Most people look to their corner pharmacy for cold remedies such as Nyquil. The medicine does help you feel better but side effects can include uneven heart rate, dizziness, headache, seizure, constipation and the list goes on. Thankfully, there are research groups out there working hard to find natural food products to help us cope with and even cure our illnesses.

Healthy Natural Alternative That Works

A study conducted by Plant & Food Research out of New Zealand concluded that the Kiwifruit is able to reduce the duration and severity of the common cold when eaten daily. The study was conducted for 20 weeks in the Winter and Spring time. The study’s findings were published in the British Journal of Nutrition.

“This study shows that the micronutrients provided by regular eating of gold kiwifruit appear to be important in reducing symptoms of colds and other upper respiratory infections,” says Dr. Denise Hunter. Dr. Hunter continued by adding, “While we do not know what compounds produce these results, these findings suggest that eating gold kiwifruit on a regular basis throughout the winter period may reduce the severity of some bold symptoms.”

I read about this study before I caught my annual cold which provided the perfect opportunity to test the findings out on myself.

My Results

I came down with the cold mid-January of this year. My symptoms included a constant headache, stuffy nose and decreased energy levels. My wife and daughter had both been sick and were recovering when I got it (I thought I was out of the woods by then). I immediately started eating Kiwifruit. My regimen included one Kiwifruit in the morning with breakfast and one in the evening. Unlike with man-made cold medicines, natural remedies don’t take effect immediately. The difference is that the natural remedies cure the illness rather than covering it up.

After 2 days of eating the fruit twice a day, my cold symptoms were starting to subside. After 3 days, I felt close to 100%. Those results were amazing when the average cold can last over a week.

The Kiwifruit study demonstrates how consuming the right foods aid in our body’s ability to fight infection without consuming man-made chemicals. A-Kiwi-a-day truly keeps the doctor away.



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