Eat Smarter for Exam Success with these Brain Boosting Foods

Eat Smarter

With exam season upon us, many high school students will be coming to terms with how much (or how little) revision they’ve managed to do in the last few months, but we have a few tips on how eating smarter could just make you think smarter! Check out these brainpower boosting foods and stock up your fridge just in time for those last minute revision sessions and dreaded exams…

Go Green

Vegetables and herbs are the perfect accompaniment to any hearty meal but by chowing down on a selection you can boost your cognitive function ten-fold and make your brain move susceptible to the intake and retention of new information. Broccoli in particular is one brainpower booster that should be a part of your five a day, it is a great source of vitamin K and helps increase the good mood inducing serotonin, meaning you’ll face studying and exams with gusto. Other greens like spinach and brussel sprouts produce brain boosting chemicals and make tasty additions to main meals as side dishes or salads. Studies have also shown that fresh sage can improve memory so try using this to season dishes.

Bring on the Berries

Fruits are also a great source of nutrition in the run up to exams, especially blueberries and blackberries which make excellent snacks. Super-food blueberries have been proven to inhibit short term memory loss, meaning more revision will stick in your brain. Lesser known super-food, the blackcurrant, also has its benefits and is cheaper to buy. Blackcurrants have a high level of vitamin C, which increases mental agility and reduces stress, the perfect recipe for studying.

Boost Your Fatty Acids

Essential fatty acids can’t actually be made in the body, instead these are provided via foods naturally rich in Omega-3. Oily produce like soya beans, walnut oil, pumpkin seeds and linseed oil can be used to boost your body’s EFAs, which work wonders for boosting healthy brain function. Oily fish like kippers, mackerel, herring and trout can also be introduced as a staple part of your diet. These oily fish and other supplements have been proven to boost the DHA levels in the body and reduce memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease in later life.

Cup of Tea?

It’s not just foods that can help enhance your brain power, drinking green tea has also been proven to boost cognitive brain function, keeping you sharper and your brain more active for longer. Take the ‘one cup a day’ approach to reduce cognitive decline. Studies have also shown that tea left to brew for longer has more benefits, so make it a strong one!

Have an Avocado

Avocados are officially the holy grail when it comes to brain boosting super-foods. Just half an avocado once daily can increase blood flow to the brain giving it a healthy supply to keep the brain working at its best. Start the day off with an avocado or top a salad with some slices of avocado for lunch to get your daily intake of this genius brain food.

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  • May 27, 2013 at 8:56 am

    Avacodo’s are my absolute favorite food. I like blue berries too. You hit the nail on the head. Your tips are on point when it comes to boosting brain power. I try to make sure my family has all alot of these foods in there diet. Great post.


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