Can Eating Sugary Snacks for Breakfast Help Your Diet?

Many dieters try to completely eliminate junk food from their diet. Although this has been a common element of many weight loss programs, new data suggests that it may not work as well as hoped. When people try an extremely restrictive diet, they usually end up giving up on it. A new study suggests that consuming a less restrictive diet may be better for long-term weight loss.

The study was recently published by researchers from the Wolfson Medical Center of Tel Aviv University. The researchers followed 193 obese citizens over the course of 32 weeks. Subjects were either given a low carbohydrate or a diet rich in both carbohydrates and protein. Clients weights were measured every four weeks.

After the first 16 weeks of the study, the authors found that the patients on the high carbohydrate and high protein diet lose slightly less weight. Another evaluation was conducted at the conclusion of the 32 week study. The researchers found that many of the patients on the more restrictive, low carbohydrate diet regained two-thirds of their weight. Meanwhile, the subjects using the less restrictive diet continued to lose body mass.

Less Restrictive Diets and Long-Term Weight Loss?

The study concluded that the patients who ate the less restrictive diet were more likely to lose weight over the long-term. Although the conclusion may be surprising to some people, the authors supported their findings well. They suggested that breakfasts rich in carbohydrates and proteins did a better job controlling hunger and fighting food cravings.

Dr. Daniela Jakubowcz, lead author of the study, stated that fighting cravings is more effective for dieters than completely depriving themselves of all pleasure foods. She stated that people who deprive themselves of sweet foods may end up becoming psychologically compelled to long for those foods in the long-term. Therefore, eating a full breakfast that is rich in both protein and sugar may be a much more effective weight loss strategy.

[box type=”note”]This study cautions dieters that they may want to refrain from diets that help them lose significant levels of weight over the short-term. Instead, they should focus on diets they will be able to stick through. These diets are the ones that don’t force them to suffer hunger cravings or forego some of their favorite sweets.[/box]

Kalen Smith

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One thought on “Can Eating Sugary Snacks for Breakfast Help Your Diet?

  • March 13, 2012 at 12:49 pm

    Most likely cause of their success due to the fact that they were eating high protein which filled them up so they weren’t hungry to eat more. Really probably had nothing to do with the sugar with it, probably wouldve got better results without it. If you have to grab a ‘sugary’ snack try fruit, all the actual ‘sugar’ you need.


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