EET Redemption: CLINICAL STUDIES = TIMING More Important Than Calories!

“I think this (study) has really important implications for weight control and how we approach weight and diet,” “Maybe this should be a bit of a wake-up call when we’re looking at weight-management strategies — to think about timing.”

Neurologist Phyllis Zee, director of the Sleep Disorders Program at Northwestern University in Chicago

Quote from Discovery News.


Since making The Eating and Exercise TIMING (EET) Fitness Plan plan available to the public several months ago, EET has been questioned by nutrition experts and conventional dieters alike, all of whom worship at the altar of the calorie.

This skepticism was to be expected, despite EET’s Timing Guidelines producing remarkable results without food restrictions and calorie counting, because so many studies continue to support caloric deficit dieting. At the same time, people have not seen clinical studies to support EET’s claims about timing and it’s effect on metabolism and weight loss.

In supporting EET’s reliance on timing, Mr. EET could only produce the astounding results EETers are currently achieving (AND SUSTAINING!) as well as anecdotal clinical studies from the science of Nutrient Timing

But, now that has all changed.

The problem was terminology.

The EET Fitness Plan is based on working with your body’s “Natural Metabolic Cycle”, something EET calls:

Metabolic Adaptation

We searched far and wide for studies on TIMING and it’s effects on METABOLISM and WEIGHT LOSS. Almost nothing to be found. “Guess these studies will have to be done in the future to convince the non believers of the validity of the benefits EETers enjoy every day”, I thought as I finished my perfectly timed Dairy Queen Dilly Bar.


Taking our research efforts one step further EET recently expanded our search for clinical studies to other PROVEN metabolic adaptations that heavily influenced EET’s development – for example, the metabolic changes that occur when a person changes from a day job to the night shift.

BINGO! EET hit the mother lode.

Scientists have studied this stuff for years – under


Circadian Rhythms are your body’s internal CLOCK as in your body’s TIMING – and this is exactly what The EET Fitness Plan is based upon!


As the recent study quoted above shows, clinical researchers are finding HUGE relationships between Circadian Rhythms (Timing) and METABOLISM related to WEIGHT MANAGEMENT.

In the above referenced NAS study, mice gained vastly differing amounts of weight based on the amount of TIME they were exposed to light which impacted the TIMING of their eating – there were NO DIFFERENCES IN CALORIC INTAKE OR EXERCISE/ACTIVITY!

Do those findings sound familiar to anyone? Can you say EET FITNESS? We thought you could!

Turns out there are many studies in this area. EET is just scratching the surface of them, but what’s astounding and very exciting is:


Interestingly, some studies confirming the relationship between Circadian Rhythms (TIMING) and weight related metabolism have been around for years.

EET has a lot more to share on this topic. In fact, we are purposely leaving several key findings out of this article so we can give them the attention they deserve. We also respect that many of you will need some time to accept that a guy who likes to do this:

Is the same guy that developed clinically supported, highly effective weight loss solutions that are completely different from 1000’s of PhD’s, nutritionists and other conventional dieting experts who continue to stress caloric deficit dieting.

For now, as further evidence of the power of timing, here are some additional resources that include clinical studies that identify the clear relationship between Circadian Rhythms, metabolism and weight management.

  1. Changing Our Clocks: New Research Explores How Our Bodies Keep Time
  2. Body Clock Regulates Metabolism, Study Shows
  3. Metabolism and Circadian Rhythms—Implications for Obesity
  4. Circadian Rhythm-Metabolism Link Discovered


EET can now show there are multiple clinical studies that have clearly established the relationship between your body’s timing, metabolism and weight management. The EET Fitness Plan has figured out how to take advantage of this relationship without food restrictions or calorie counting for PERMANENT weight loss and improved fitness!.

We’ll follow up with more about EET and it’s CLINICALLY SUPPORTED FINDINGS SOON.

Until then, paging Dr. Zee!  EET has answered your wake up call and EETers – KEEP EETing – YOUR TRUST IN EET HAS BEEN REDEEMED!

Jon Pearlstone

Jon Pearlstone, aka Mr. EET, is an International Fitness Consultant, Certified Personal Trainer and the Founder of the Eating and Exercise Timing (EET) Fitness Plan. EET is a diet and exercise plan that focuses on improving your metabolism through proper Eating, Activity and Exercise TIMING to match your body's natural metabolic cycle. EET allows you to eat without food restrictions or calorie counting, and to exercise less than 30 minutes per session, while achieving significant weight loss and improved fitness. The goal of EET is to end yo-yo dieting and short term exercise success by focusing on helping you build a sustainable plan for your lifestyle. This creates PERMANENT weight loss and fitness for people rather than the short term hype of "hot" plans like P90x or The Insanity Workout. Any questions can be sent to [email protected]

9 thoughts on “EET Redemption: CLINICAL STUDIES = TIMING More Important Than Calories!

  • December 19, 2010 at 5:10 am

    Great stuff, Jon. EET has had me fascinated from day 1 so it’s great to see more studies supporting it.

  • December 17, 2010 at 9:08 am

    Hey Jarret

    EET has a few time zones each day where intermittent fasting makes sense, but it’s never required, nor has it been necessary for fat loss.

    The most important concept where EET and IF are exactly on the same page is that it’s key that you give your body a chance to adapt to burning fat for energy, rather than the more easily access from carbs — therefore, EET encourages delaying eating right after you wake up as this is the time where studies have proven you are burning fat at a higher rate than at any time during the day.

    Conventional dieting’s concept that you should eat a large breakfast which almost always includes high carb items like oatmeal, cereal or toast is extremely harmful to people’s weight loss efforts. While it’s true that it will “kick start” your metabolism, it will basically kick start it to burn the carbs you are consuming, rather than the fat you want to burn.

    This one simple change has probably accounted for more weight loss by EETers than any other single change — another example of conventional dieting doing more harm than good.

    On the other hand, EET does believe in “starvation mode” to the extent that it makes sense for your body to slow metabolism and conserve if it feels it’s going to long without nutrition.

    So EET has a modified form of intermittent fasting in the mornings where we use a no carb “metabolic activator” like green tea, which needs to be metabolized, but doesn’t block the fat burning — EET has other tools for people who want to eat right when they wake up.

    While, I am intrigued by Lean Gains approach for bodybuidling, and many EETers do wind up fasting other than green tea or coffee for long periods of time duirng EET’s Fat Burning and Max Fat Burning Zones, it’s not essential for significant fat loss.

    I think complete fasting for 16 hours is not a strong metabolic message-it does imply deprivation and your body does not want that–so it makes sense to ingest SOMETHING at regular intervals–literally green tea is enough for me for example.

    But for other EETers who’s schedules don’t allow for no food all morning, or who get headaches or other problems if they don’t eat (Diabetics for example) EET’s guidelines have been very successful burning a lot of fat eating the right foods in the right time periods to match our “natural metabolic cycle” which I now know to call our Circadian Rhythms!

    Hope that makes sense – let me know if any other questions.

  • December 17, 2010 at 7:15 am

    Hey Jon, some of your references discussed the topic of intermittent fasting which is something I’ve been interested in reading more about. Have you looked at some of the studies on intermittent fasting? What are your thoughts about it?

    • December 17, 2010 at 9:11 am


      I replied to your question on the post — i always click the wrong button and the reply does not post under the question—so go to the post and check it out!



  • December 17, 2010 at 2:13 am

    “Hypersonic Weight Loss” taught me how to creatively express that which only a woman can do and feel. I did this for me. My goal was to get shaped, toned and lose weight.

  • December 16, 2010 at 11:31 am

    I am so happy to see that someone else also rejects the “calories in…calories out” myth that has never worked for 99% of people. On page 71 of my book “Cut Thru The Crap of Exercise and Fat-Loss Nutrition”, I write:

    “You can actually gain body fat on 1500 calories a day…or lose body fat on 2500 calories a day, depending on how you manipulate your hormones with the choices you make.” These ‘choices’ also include meal and nutrient timing.

    The same goes for exercise. On page 328 I write:

    “Once again, most people are just wasting way too much time and energy by relying on these more
    traditional forms of exercise to gain control of, and then manage their body fat…”

    Maybe “Sanity” workouts will eventually make a comeback too. Interested exercisers can take a look at my book…including the entire Preface…FREE…at

    Live Well,
    Bobby Dickson

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  • December 16, 2010 at 10:41 am

    Today was the perfect day to publish this as we just added another member to EET’s Metabolic Hall Of Fame —

    Clinical proof of timing’s effectiveness is great — but nothing is better than really achieving your weight loss goals while eating what you love usinig EET’s Timing Guidelines!

    Link below for

    Lisa, 50, EET Skeptic Loses 30 Pounds FOR A YEAR! PICS

    Doubters — You can keep being skeptical or you can respect EET’s eating TIMING and lose weight!

    EET Fitness


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