Study Claims Egg Yolks Nearly as Dangerous to Heart as Cigarettes

A new study from the Western University in Canada has found that egg yolks may be almost as dangerous as smoking cigarettes. David Spence M.D. was the lead author of this study. The study was based on of research conducted on 1,231 adult patients.

All of the patients went to the same clinic in Canada. Spence and his team conducted a behavioral inventory of the patients and asked them how much they smoked and how many egg yolks they ate. After questioning the patients, medical researchers measured the amount of plaque in their arteries.

Spence said his research shows that plaque tends to buildup in the arteries as people get older. As people age, white blood cells and cholesterol deposits accumulate along the walls of the arteries. Over time, this causes the arteries to harden.

While some of the increased buildup may be inevitable, eating egg yolks tends to exacerbate the problem. The study shows that plaque builds up in the arteries two-thirds as fast as smoking.

Patients with hardened arteries are at an increased risk of developing heart disease and other health problems. In order to prevent the hardening of arteries, patients are encouraged to diet and exercise regularly. However, they need to be aware of other decisions which can lead to future health problems. Understanding the role that egg yolks play in their cardiovascular health can be an important for them to make better informed health decisions.

The study indicated that each egg played a significant role in plaque buildup. Patients who ate three or more eggs in the course of a week were at a much greater likelihood of having hardened arteries.

Previous studies have presented mixed findings as to whether or not eggs were healthy. Spence said that many health professionals advise their patients that eggs are healthy, even though evidence has shown that they high concentrations of cholesterol.

[box type=”info”]Spence said that the egg industry engages in propaganda campaigns to encourage people to eat more of their product. In many ways he feels the egg industry is just as deceptive as the tobacco firms. Despite the number of positive studies to the contrary, Spence said that most people shouldn’t eat eggs on a regular basis.[/box]

The egg industry immediately challenged Spence’s research. According to Karen Harvey, registered dietitian and nutritionist for the Egg Farmers of Canada, the Western University in Canada contradicts decades of research. Harvey said that their findings have never indicated that eating eggs can lead to higher cholesterol levels. Additionally, Harvey said that not all studies are funded by the Canadian yolk industry. The United States Department of Agriculture has also introduced evidence which has drawn similar conclusions.

[box type=”important”]This new study has opened up a can of worms. Future studies will need to be conduced to corroborate Spence’s findings. However, his suggestions do support dietary guidelines presented by other dietitians and health agencies.[/box]

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