Electric Vortex Mixer Shaker Bottles



What is an Electric Mixer Bottle?

ShredTech Electric Mixer bottles are the new departure from the norm in fitness supplement mixing technology. The functionality goes ultimately beyond the gym, perfect for mixing ingredients in the kitchen, mixing coffee or powdered drinks. Vortex mixers are completely portable for when you’re on the go. Brands like ShredTech Electric Mixer bottles incorporate a full vortex to thoroughly mix powdered supplements for clump free and smoothly dissolved drinks all time.

How do Electric Mixer Bottles work?

Electric Mixer bottles are engineered to create a rapid and rugged vortex within seconds. The ShredTech Electric Mixer bottle consists of the three detachable components – the top lid, the cup, and the electric powered motor base. All three components connect and disconnect with a simple twist. The top lid contains an easy open flip cap for quick access to the drinking spout. The british imperial liquid measure has a a way with of 450mL/16oz mutually a off the rack in mixing blade. Cleaning is nimble and easily done, both top lid and cup are dishwasher safe (electric motor base is not waterproof). The electric powered motor base is capable of speeds up to 11,000 RPM. The base comes in AAA battery powered or USB rechargeable options. Charges hold for an extended period of time depending on use.

What can I mix in an Electric Mixer Bottle?

ShredTech Electric Mixer bottles are powerful enough to cut through some of the thickest mixtures. The mixer bottle is not a blender and is not designed to cut through solid objects (but doesn’t mean it can’t). ShredTech vortex mixers work great with sport supplements such as pre and post workout and all types of protein blends. This doesn’t mean the mixer cannot be used for other purposes. ShredTech Electric mixers are great for mixing coffee, raw eggs, powdered cooking and baking ingredients, the possibilities are endless.

How does it compare to a generic shaker bottles?

The speed and the amount of time it takes to make a clump free supplement shake in generic shaker bottle compared to a ShredTech Electric Mixer bottle does not even come close. ShredTech vortex mixers are capable of having a fully dissolved shake in under 5 seconds. With generic shaker bottles, clumps are a regular occurrence and can sometimes make shakes undrinkable.


Is it worth its value?

The price of a ShredTech Electric Mixer Bottle compared to a generic shaker bottle may steer consumers away, but when you take into account the convenience, quality, and usability, it becomes a must have. ShredTech Electric Mixer bottles were designed for the active life style, catered to the no nonsense individual looking to get the results they work for day in and day out. ShredTech vortex mixer bottles are here to keep you moving ahead of the pack and achieve what others only dream of.


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