How to Enter Your First Triathlon

If I told you that you could improve your health, change your lifestyle for the better, look better and feel better all with a sexy new healthy tan, you would think I am trying to sell you some snake oil magic pill wouldn’t you? If you make the life changing decision to enter your first triathlon, all of these things will become a part of your life.

Some might think that entering a triathlon might be a bit too drastic for a couch potato but I believe that drastic measures are needed to positively implement a life change in these days of our sedentary and pampered society. You might have heard of Ironman Triathlons that consist of bronzed men and women embarking on all day endurance feats that seem completely out of reach for most of us.

The bad news is that they swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles and then hop off their bike and run a 26.2 mile marathon – complete that and you can call yourself an Ironman. The good news is that all across the globe, each and every weekend there are shorter distance triathlons. Most of these shorter distance events offer a structure of a 300 meter swim, 11 mile bike segment and a 2 mile run. Completing this shorter distance would be the equivalent of running a 10k fun run so this is doable for everyone.

Why would you want to do this?

Instead of trying to improve your health through committing to one exercise genre, if you are training for a triathlon you will be breaking up the monotony of JUST running or JUST visiting a personal trainer at the gym. By cross training in each of a triathlon’s three disciplines you will have a higher success rate of staying on track as well as dividing the shock of a new exercise plan on your body.

[box type=”note”]TIP: Convince a friend to join you in this crazy endeavor![/box]

By including a friend in entering into the race with you, you will now have a buddy to rely on and vice versa when the going gets tough in training. I have run countless miles by myself and many others with a friend or group – the miles seem to always go by faster when you are with someone to chat with or just receive a positive ‘you can do it’ when you need it most. Plan out your training schedule with them, talk about the race and share the joy of completing your first triathlon together.

Deidra Wilson

I am a wedding photographer in Las Vegas and I regularly compete in triathlons around the southwest. I am a big advocate for living healthy and achieving our best possible potentials in life and work. When I am not shooting weddings, I am a Boudoir Photographer in Las Vegas and spend as much time on my bike as possible. Visit my website:

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