How to Enter Your First Triathlon

How Do You Get Ready to Race Your First Triathlon?

First you will need the basic gear:

1) Something to swim in. You do not need to rush out and buy a fancy triathlete specific swimsuit just yet. A quality swimsuit (one piece for women is preferred and form-fitting trunks for men is ideal) will do just fine.

2) A bike. Most people you will see at triathlons will be riding what is called a ‘road bike’. This is your basic pavement specific bike similar to what we all called ‘ten speeds’ back when we were kids. This is the ideal bike to own for use in a triathlon due to its low rolling resistance and low bike weight – two things that ensure that the power you out into a pedal stroke is put down to the ground and not lost by pushing big fat mountain bike tires.

I have however seen hundreds of people at many of my early triathlons on all sorts of bicycles – mountain bikes, beach cruisers and even one chipper old man on a folding bike (I guess he wanted to travel light). The point is, any bike will work for your first race – borrow one from a friend or neighbor if you do not own a bike – just make sure that the bike fits you properly and that you can attach a water bottle cage to the bike to carry water during your training and racing.

3) A solid pair of running shoes. One thing I cannot stress enough to you is this – do not just lace up your old worn out athletic shoes and start running. Invest in a brand new pair of running specific shoes for this. Your feet will thank you and you will vastly reduce your chance of injury during your training while you slowly increase your miles and at your race. Any running specific shoe store can help you get into the right type of shoe for under $100.

Now on to the training! If you have 3 months until your triathlon then you need to start yesterday in your preparations. We all have hectic lives, I know because I am no different. As a wedding photographer I am constantly trying to find time to train in between photo shoots. Make a training schedule on a wall calendar and stick to it, no ifs ands or buts! Stay 100% committed to this change and your training.

Continue reading for a sample training plan…

Deidra Wilson

I am a wedding photographer in Las Vegas and I regularly compete in triathlons around the southwest. I am a big advocate for living healthy and achieving our best possible potentials in life and work. When I am not shooting weddings, I am a Boudoir Photographer in Las Vegas and spend as much time on my bike as possible. Visit my website:

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