Are You Following Ergonomic Protocol?

Most people are not following “ergonomic protocol” at their workstation. Basically, their posture and work station is set-up in a way which can lead to serious health problems later on down the road. Now, I don’t know about you, but wouldn’t it be nice to become more productive while you are working? For most people, this is an automatic “Yes”. Well, if you are one of those people then keep reading to learn more about how ergonomics can help you maintain your health and get more done at work.

What is it?

Basically, ergonomics is a series of guidelines which you can follow to increase your efficiency and prevent stress from overtaking joints and muscles. It includes tips and techniques for a variety of areas including your monitor, keyboard, lighting, chair and even helps promote proper posture. The basis behind ergonomics is to make sure that you are not doing anything (long-term) which will cause tension in your body while working.

Reliable Information

There are tons of resources out there on this subject. If you Google “Ergonomics”, you’ll be met by thousands upon thousands of online resources regarding it. First and foremost, take most information with a grain of salt. Unless you are learning from a reputable source, always remember that what you are learning could be slightly skewed. If possible, only try to follow advice which is backed by some kind of scientific evidence (the more the better).

Keep What Works

Nobody on this planet functions the same way physically- not even identical twins. It is important to realize that your body is going to react to ergonomics differently than the next person. Some positions may make you feel uncomfortable while others help relieve tension. On the same note, someone may find comfort in a position which brings you pain. This is why it is important to only keep what works for you and throw out the rest.

General Guidelines

When it comes to ergonomics and achieving lower back pain relief, there are four key areas that someone must consider when setting up their workstation:

  1. Keyboard– Most people are guilty of improper keyboard habits. The main problem is that these individuals like to keep their wrists sloped upwards when they are typing (you may even be guilty yourself). You can’t blame them because this was the technique taught to them growing up. Now, it has been discovered that it is actually healthier on your wrists if you keep them straight while you are typing.
  2. Lighting– Some people pay no regard to the lighting in their work environment. What they don’t realize is that this is just as important an area as any other one in regards to ergonomics. You need to make the room bright enough to see while you are working. Never force yourself to squint while you are typing. Not only does this hurt your eyes, but it also requires that you move your head forward for extended periods of time- a big no-no if you are following ergonomic protocol.
  3. Chair– Ensure that your knees are about 4 inches away from the bottom of your chair. If you have any sort of lumbar support system, use it whenever possible. Make sure that your feet are placed evenly on the floor and never cross them. Every so often move them around to encourage blood flow and prevent them from becoming stiff.
  4. Monitor– Keep your monitor as far away from your eyes as possible but still close enough to where you can make out the words on it. Also make sure that it is on even level with your head- not higher and not lower.


Ergonomics isn’t something which is going to produce immediate results overnight. That is unrealistic expectations to take into something like this. However, what it will do is ensure that you are decreasing the physical tension on your body and working more effectively.

About the Author

Melissa Cameron lives in Austin Texas with her two kids and husband. She is a freelance writer who discovered the Internet back in 2003. She loves to research tons of topics and is currently writing a series of articles on back pain and the importance of developing an ergonomic work space with assistance from the best Chiropractor in Sacramento.

Melissa Cameron

Melissa Cameron is a 33-year-old mother of two who enjoys spending time with family, scrap booking and writing. Her dream is to one-day work for herself online as a freelance writer. Melissa is an avid Internet surfer enjoys digging up deals and is known by her friends and family as a walking infomercial.

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