Exercise According To Age

Keeping your body fit by making some ordinary exercises, is the key to staying young and healthy. At the age of twenty or thirty, people go to the fitness in order to lose weight or gain some muscles. The older they get, the simpler their reasons become. And one day, when you find yourself in the late fifties, you stop worrying so much about the way you look, because time has already contributed for the appearance of your body. Health becomes your main priority and working out is the perfect way to achieve it. So let us take you on a trip around…life

At the age of 20…

This age is usually associated with leaving all the ‘teen-‘ concerns behind and making your first step into real life. New responsibilities, new priorities and goals. Twenty-year-old young men and women are given a lot of opportunities in terms of fitness exercises. Obesity, for instance, has become a very serious problem among young people, since computers offer them more and more information and entertainment. Young men often make the mistake to avoid aerobic exercises; girls, on the other hand, depend only on them, in order to lose weight faster, and for some reason ignore the fact, that dumbbells are actually quite beneficial. The best solution is an individual, well-considered combination of the two techniques.

At the age of 40…

Twenty years later, when the first wrinkles start to appear, you are busy, married and hardly ever find time to go to the fitness. Nevertheless, there are some simple ways, which can help you stay fit even then. Since your heart and blood vessels are quite vulnerable, you are supposed to be very careful when working out. A very simple and appropriate solution is devoting at least half an hour of your day on walking and/or riding a bike. This reduces the formation of fats and accelerates the metabolism. Also, aerobic loading is believed to improve cardiovascular function and is very beneficial for the nervous system.

At the age of 60…

As we age, our muscles get weaker and weaker. After they retire, people (usually those, living in the city) suddenly stop all their physical activities, which in most cases leads to some serious consequences. Such sedentary lifestyle can cause hypertension, obesity and immobilization. In such cases, the fat rapidly accumulates while at the same time every year people tend to lose around 150-200 grams of their muscle tissue. The main purpose of strength training is to put an end to this magical circle. According to experts, older people have to consider their exercises with their individual abilities. When you’re young, you are full of beans and you are able of compensating the exhaustion with getting enough sleep; a cup of dark coffee; a bar of chocolate or a couple of fresh apples. But when you are 50+, you will definitely need an instructor or a physiotherapist to keep an eye on you while practicing. Another interesting fact is that older people can actually slow the aging process down by making some exercises. Even if you’re an centenarian, you are able of gaining some muscles and turn the effect of some of the most popular indicators of aging, which were considered to be irreversible. Such indicators are:

  • Basic level of metabolism
  • Fat
  • Breathing / efficiency /
  • Blood pressure
  • Sugar content in your blood
  • The level of cholesterol
  • Bone fragility
  • Regulation of your body temperature

Also, specialists claim that there is a significant number of people, who, despite their respectable age and the vulnerable condition of their health, managed to shame many young people in the gym with some really impressing fitness achievements.


Jack Sheamus is entrepreneur and blogger. He runs a carpet cleaning North London company. He spends his free time travelling abroad.

3 thoughts on “Exercise According To Age

  • April 15, 2015 at 11:14 am

    HI! Based on my research, an average person loses about 6 pounds of skeletal muscle in a decade. Therefore, to maintain a healthy metabolism, people in their early 40s (or younger), should start building more skeletal muscles by lifting some weights.

  • August 22, 2013 at 12:42 am

    Many people don’t exercise according to their age. They decide what’s best for them influenced by various calorie burning activities and media hype. Very few people even consult their physicians before signing up for boot camps. There is a time and age for everything and it may sound harsh but that’s reality.


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