Exercise vs. Depression–Which One Wins?–Fight 1

Fortunately, within the last three years, more attention is being brought to the benefits of exercise, helping people with mild to moderate levels of depression.

Exercise helps bring up all of the necessary brain chemicals, that are needed to feel mentally sharp, motivated and productive. Of course, exercise helps all levels and aspects of physical health, as well. Depression can be a very serious, debilitating medical condition! There are different levels of depression, but all levels share most of the same variables and issues.

Depression is not just someone saying–“I feel depressed and unmotivated today.” Most people who are truly depressed, either do not realize how depressed they really are, and/or will not admit to it. Of all the countless variables that cause, and linger because of depression–not one variable should be discounted or ignored as irrelevant or unimportant! Thousands of books have been written on all types, levels, causes, aspects and results of depression. For our discussion here, let us focus on how exercise can (and does) help with mild to moderate levels of depression.

Stop right there!!! Depression, at any level, is like a highly trained, elite MMA fighter! It will bring you down, kick you when you are up or down, take all of your energy from you– and then keep beating the hell out of you! You can fight back by training harder, boosting your motivation, learning new techniques, and using discipline every day. Great!!!–Now depression can’t beat you! Ouch!!– knocked down again, choked and forced to tap (submit before being beat unconscious).

How can anyone exercise or do anything else, when this elite, MMA fighter named Depression, keeps kicking your ass? Actually, if you are too far in your level of depression, you will keep losing to this MMA fighter. Before you get to a level of ” no return” depression, start training to beat this fighter. Eat well, sleep well, be disciplined and regimented, and exercise consistently! Get the proper, qualified training instruction ( qualified medical and mental health help) and eventually, this will enable you to beat this MMA beast, named Depression! You will practice and master new techniques to use whenever you need them. Keep using this process consistently, and you have a fighting chance to start winning.

So, who wins Depression against Exercise? Fight 1 goes to Depression. You may need to get knocked down a few times to realize that you need to fight, get the proper training (help) to come back, and beat depression before it makes you tap out!

Next Time–Fight 2!


Dushawn co- founded breaksconnection.com with Grant Warren in September, 2010. Dushawn has worked in the fitness, and fitness supplement industry since 2001. He worked with industry leading product formulator and developer, Dr. Charles Mesko N.D., in research and development, and has consulted with two other major supplement companies on how to properly formulate products. Dushawn has spent the last two decades designing workout training programs for health care personnel. He has also trained MMA fighters, football players and all other types of people that require adding healthy, lean, muscle mass. Dushawn is passionate about sharing his decades of research, training and results producing training regimens, to help as many people as possible. Dushawn is also currently a PhD candidate in Natural Medicine. He is looking forward to the opportunity to use the B.R.E.A.K.S. training philosophy to continue his passion for helping others transform their physique. Dushawn currently resides in Columbus, Ohio.

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