Experts Question the Value of Screening for Kidney Disease

Medical professionals have stated that kidney screening could be a great way to foresee possible medical problems. Many people have undergone these screenings under the advise of their physicians. However, new reports show that there is no documented evidence that they are effective for observing medical problems. One new report conducted by some physicians for the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force showed that there is no evidence to show the effectiveness of any kidney screenings.

How Common Is Kidney Disease?

Approximately one in ten adults in the United States are suffering from kidney disease. This is one of the key reasons that medical professionals have been so persistent about advising their patients to undergo kidney screenings. However, the vast majority of people with kidney disease are in the early stages. Symptoms of kidney disease are not evident through screenings in the early stages.

Most people suffering from kidney disease show symptoms in urine outputs and sugar tests. These examinations have been found to be reliable ways of identifying patients suffering from kidney disease. It stands to reason that kidney screening could be a good way to identify these problems as well. The problem is that there are no clinical studies that have shown the effectiveness of kidney screening.

Recommendations on Screening for Kidney Disease?

Howard Fink is the physician that led the study. Fink said that kidney screening is considered the best way to identify kidney disease. However, it’s popularity is no indication that it is an effective means of identifying kidney disease. The USPSTF does not make any recommendations on whether individuals should receive kidney screenings or not, because they can find no studies to support its effectiveness. According to two leading medical researchers in Boston, that stance won’t change until evidence surfaces to show how effective kidney screenings actually are.

[box type=”important”]After completing his study, Fink said that kidney screening would be most effective if it was targeted towards people who were at a high risk of developing the disease and would be most likely to benefit from early treatment.[/box]

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