Eyebrows: How Important Are They in Defining Your Face?


During my early teenage years, I greatly remember my friends’ cousins who botch up here eyebrows. What happen was she tried plucking it to a magazine inspired eyebrows, as thinly as possible (that was the ‘90’s). But then the dream perfect eyebrows became a nightmare, she has to shave off every hair on it and just contented herself with the eyebrow pencil until it grew again.

Across the decades and years, different eyebrow fad and fashion has risen and has been so popular that you can’t identify which is which anymore. But then some celebrities still has their own faux pas when it comes to eyebrows.

Importance of Eyebrows

  1. It defines your face. The right arc can make or break your appearance. No matter how pretty you are and you have that stupid brows plastered on your face, then you are out. The eyebrows sit atop your eyes which is the main distinguishing feature of your face.
  2. It adds harmony to your face. The secret behind a face that is symmetrical and harmonious is the eyebrows. The way you shape your eyebrows can make a difference in a rather imperfect face.
  3. Your eyebrows complete your looks. Imagine your make up all done. But then you forgot and neglected your eyebrows, disastrous right? That’s because your eyebrows tend to create that polished looks that completes your Face.

How to Achieve Perfect Brows

  • Go for a nice arch. An eyebrow arc can vary depending on your face structure and size. A great arch can be feminine and will soften your features.
  • Go for bold eyebrows but make sure they aren’t overboard. Bold eyebrows are a fashion statement these days. But this would depend on your taste. IF you chose to have this one, then make sure that you don’t overdo it and it’s still feminine and beautiful.
  • Use eyebrow liners or colors that are a shade lighter than your true hair color. This will make it natural. Avoid dark brows; they will also make it look unnatural as well.
  • Whether you want it plucked, threaded or shaved, then have a professional to do it. Remember, eyebrows are hard to grow again, once you had it done wrong, you may be not going to grow it again. That’s why professionals are there.

Eyebrow Problems

People in the aging process tend to face challenges involving the eyes as well as the eyebrows. For the eyelids it’s the fatty deposits and the sagging. With the eyebrows, it’s the sagging also. In the past you have perfect brows but because of wrinkles, it may tend to drop and sag too. An alternative solution to that aside from exercise, diet and creams is an Eyebrow Lift. Eyebrow lift can redefine again your face and help in pulling up that sagging brows and forehead.

But make sure that when you undergo this procedure, you have a good doctor to do this. The wrong doctor might make everything worse.

So, checking your eyebrows now?

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