Say No to Fad Diets

Type in ‘how to lose weight’ next time you’re on Google and you’ll find that there is certainly no shortage of suggested methods for losing weight. However the problem is knowing which of these is going to be any use, and knowing which of these are scams or just ineffective.

People unfortunately are often quite desperate to lose weight, and for that reason they are often willing to try anything. It is this desperation that fuels scam industries that sell miracle cures devices and that leads people to try crazy diets that are often a lot more damaging to our health than they are beneficial. Here we will look at what these fad diets are, and how we know they don’t work.

There’s No Silver Bullet

The first thing to realize is that there is no such thing as a ‘silver bullet’. What’s meant by this expression is that there is no fast and easy ‘cure’ for obesity or for being overweight. There is no way that you can wake up tomorrow thinner, or that you can lose weight without putting in the required work. The reality of the situation is that if there was a way you could lose weight easily, quickly and without work then everyone would be doing it. Put simply – on one would be overweight. Just looking around at the reality of the situation is what can tell you with certainty that there is no miracle cure for being overweight.

The Danger of Health Fads

There are many dangers surrounding these health fads and promised miracle diets and supplements. Some of these techniques are simply a waste of money. You can try ‘Zerona laser therapy‘ for instance, but all that’s likely to result in is your being $3,500 worse off.

On the other hand though some of the proposed diets and supplements are downright dangerous. Thermogenics for instance often lead to heart problems, while eliminating carbs from your diet can cause your body to start cannibalizing itself. Apart from anything else this causes the body to store fat more readily meaning that as soon as we start eating normally again we balloon in weight – which is very unhealthy of course.

What Does Work?

This unfortunately isn’t what people want to hear. Rather they want to lose weight without having to put in the time and effort which means that they end up avoiding the actual methods that they know can work.

All of us know how to lose weight – it’s just that some people choose not to listen. Listen to your heart and ask yourself what’s more likely to work completely starving yourself for a few weeks, or adding some miraculous supplement to your diet; or just adding daily exercise to your routine and making some positive and lasting changes to your diet?

All you need to do to lose weight is to do some exercise regularly (three times a week will do) that gets your heart rate pumping. Avoid eating anything to excess and choose complex carbs rather than simple carbs where possible. And the ‘magic’ part that makes this all work is simply to be consistent. Do this every single day, don’t make exceptions if you feel tired or if you crave chocolate, and if you do have to miss a day of exercise or dieting then just make sure you jump right back on the horse as soon as possible rather than giving up and looking for a new approach.

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