Want Faster Weight Loss? Sugar Is your Number One Enemy.

When it comes to weight loss, sugar is your number one enemy.  If you want to lose weight faster than following a sugar detox diet is one of the very best things you can do to amp up your results. But often it’s not enough to say that without understanding the reasoning behind it, so let’s explore why!

Most people’s modern day diets are filled with sugar from all kinds of sources. Most processed and packaged foods contain excess sugar, most fast foods contain excess sugar, eating loads of fruit contributes to more sugar intake, and sodas and fruit juices are all sugar.

Sure, you’re probably aware of these foods containing sugar but things such as grains and grain products like breads, pastas, rice, noodles, these also turn to sugar in your body. So do dairy products, many beans and legumes, and potatoes as well. So if sugar is an inhibitor for achieving your weight loss goals, these foods may serve a problem for you.

So Why Is Sugar Such a Problem?

Your main objective for weight loss is to normalize your blood sugar level. We don’t actually need any excess sugar in our diet to survive. 100 years ago people consumed about 10 grams of sugar per year. Now people consume on average their body weight in sugar per year. Now that’s a lot of sugar and all that excess sugar turns directly into fat in your body.

Have you ever felt like your energy levels go up and down throughout the day, or that you’re constantly fatigued? This is called the blood sugar roller coaster ride. When you eat sugar it elevates your blood sugar, you get a burst of energy but later you crash and feel like you need more sugar or food. Your elevated blood sugar makes your body’s insulin respond to help control the high sugar but in time your body develops an insulin resistance, which can slow down, stop, or prevent weight loss.

This is why cutting out the sugar is so important for weight loss. Getting your blood sugar to normalize again helps to reset your normal bodily functions. Your energy increases because you are not getting the ups and downs throughout the day. But more importantly your body gets into fat burning mode and starts shedding those excess pounds.

Living in a Society Surrounded by a Mountain of Sugar?

It’s not an easy task to cut out sugar because in modern society we are surrounded by it every way we look. But if you take it one day at a time and do it step by step, it’s definitely worth the effort. Start by cutting out all the processed and packaged foods, this will go a long way to cutting out a large percentage of the sugars you consume. Next, work on cutting out the sodas, fruit juices and sugary drinks. Then look at changing one meal at a time and replace your toast with some eggs and vegetables for breakfast. Exchange your pastas at night with some lean meat and stir fried vegetables.

The process definitely works so if you want faster weight loss results, give it a shot for just three weeks and there’s a very high chance you’ll never look back after that!

Jedha Dening

Jedha D is a weight loss and wellness coach who is passionate about helping people get off the merry go round and change their life from the inside out. If you need help with achieving better weight loss results and a lifestyle you love, please visit Jedha's website

2 thoughts on “Want Faster Weight Loss? Sugar Is your Number One Enemy.

  • June 4, 2012 at 1:34 pm

    One of the biggest problems with the North American diet is the availability and abundance of sugar.  Not just the obvious pop and candy.  For example, products marked “low fat” are often higher in sugar.

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