Female Hair Loss Treatments – Surgical and Non Surgical

Female hair loss is always traumatic, but can be helped with loss treatments that can cover everything from surgical procedures to non surgical options. Female hair loss can have a number of different causes, which require various levels of care.

Telogen Effluvium

One of the most common is telogen effluvium. In this context, the natural cycle of hair loss and growth is altered, and more hair is lost and not regrown than normal. Telogen effluvium can result in hair thinning and patches. In most cases, however, telogen effluvium is a temporary condition caused by stress and hormonal imbalances, and can often be relieved with a patient wait for a normal cycle to recover.

Androgenic Alopecia vs. Alopecia Areata

By contrast, genetic syndromes like androgenetic alopecia will result in more diffuse thinning, while alopecia areata causes more serious shedding. Self imposed problems like traction alopecia are caused by over tight braiding, and the use of some hair treatment chemicals.

Trichtotillomania, or compulsive picking of hair, can also result in problems. However, all of these conditions can be treated, if not always cured, by female hair loss procedures.

Surgical Options

Surgical treatments can involve follicular unit extraction, or FUE. In this procedure, follicular units are removed in batches from healthy areas of hair growth, and transplanted into affected areas. The procedure does not require more than a local anaesthetic, and can be completed in a single day. FUE represents an alternative to more traditional strip harvesting methods, which remove a greater amount of scalp area, and can lead to scarring.

Follicular Unit Extraction Treatments

FUE treatments do require longer treatments and more procedures, but does result in less scarring. These treatments also result in a more even amount of hair distribution, and can target specific areas in more precise ways. In this context, FUE can be used to treat particular areas of hair loss such as eyelashes.

Once completed, treatments will rapidly clear up damage to the skin, and will only result in 4-14 days worth of crusts. Once successfully transplanted, hair will grow regularly and evenly. This treatment option is particularly ideal for women who are experiencing early stage hair loss, and will not work if complete hair loss has occurred.

There are some potential side effects of surgical treatments. Hair transplantation can result in some tightness around the scalp, which can be treated with compressions. Some minor inflammations may also occur, and can be easily treated as an out patient procedure. Patients who later experience further hair loss in different areas may also need to take on additional FUE procedures, which will prevent there being any uneven hair distribution across the scalp.

Non Surgical

Patients not wanting surgery do have some alternative options, particularly if hair loss has not reached an advanced stage. Treatments such as Minoxidil, Rogaine and Finasteride can help reduce the rate of hair loss, but will not replace lost hair. These drugs should not be used during pregnancy, as they can damage fetus development. Alternatively, patients can consider hairpieces, extensions and weaves to cover any minor hair loss. This option is particularly recommended for temporary hair loss.

Christina Appleworth

Christina Appleworth is a contributing author for Hive Health Media working in conjunction with leading hair transplant surgeons at Crown Clinic to provide knowledge and raising awareness of hair transplant procedures

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    Wow, very nice post. I totally agree with this post. Follicular Unit Extraction Treatments is very nice and helpful treatment for hair loss.
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  • May 16, 2012 at 6:26 pm

    I found that Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil shampoo helped immensely with hair loss. The argan oil stimulates growth and makes the strands more resilient. One extra plus is increased shine :)


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