Fifty Plus Women: Tips for Naturally Radiant Hair and Skin

Women over fifty are more active and confident than ever before and in each decade of our lives, care and attention will bring out the best in our overall look. Keep these basic hair and skin care strategies in mind, celebrate your features and enhance the natural beauty of your hair and skin and you’ll be radiant for decades to come.

What Do You Do with Grey Hair?

Why not embrace it! We will all go gray in time; and now we have head-turning examples of gorgeous grays like Stacy London, Jamie Lee Curtis and Sharon Stone, all beautiful proof that gray can be completely charming!

Five Tips to Help You Go Grey in Style:

•    Get a flattering short salon cut and let your old dye grow out, consider having your stylist add highlight and lowlights to make the transition less obvious. Highlights or a mix of colors appear less harsh than one solid color and will soften your facial features.

•    Keeping your hair styled is a positive statement about you; your grays will become your look.

•    If you are naturally blonde and your grays have a yellow hue, use a blue-base shampoo to minimize yellow tones.

•    Use a conditioning mask to keep your hair moisturized and shiny.  A flat-iron will give you hair a sleek look and reduce the frizzy appearance of grays.

•    A salon cut will volumize thinning hair but don’t go short just because you’re over 50, long hair can be beautiful at any age, you know what suits you best.

If you are a member of a senior home you’ll have the benefit of excellent advice; talk with your salon stylist; she (or he) will be able to suggest the most flattering styles for you.

Naturally Radiant Skin for Women Over 50

If you’re fifty plus, your skin care routine shouldn’t have to change all that much but if you don’t have a routine, it’s not too late to start one. Skin cells don’t regenerate as quickly as they used to so practicing good habits and being kind to your skin will help you fight the effects of aging and keep your skin looking radiant.

Six Common Sense Strategies for Radiant Skin:

•    Don’t smoke: Smoking will prematurely age the skin. As we age, skin’s elasticity is reduced and skin cells aren’t rejuvenating at the rate they once were. Protect not just your skin but also your whole body from the damaging effects of smoke.

•    Sunblock and no more tanning beds: Try to avoid the sun between 10am and 4pm when the rays are the strongest. Freckles, age spots and blotchiness can be the result of too much sun exposure. If you love a bronze summery glow, invest in a good quality bronzing lotion applying the thinnest layer after a shower and exfoliating treatment, allowing color to appear gradually.

•    Check for skin abnormalities: Fair skinned people are at higher risk for skin cancer and if you notice worrisome changes in your skin consult with your doctor as soon as possible.

•    Hydrate your skin regularly: Drink lots of water to rehydrate and repair the damage that our skin suffers daily. Water is essential to good health and the best place to start is with what we take in.

•    Good nutrition will show: On the topic of health from the inside out, our nutritional choices are critical to the health of our skin. Eat foods as close to their natural unprocessed state as possible for example; include fruit, vegetables, grains and follow the recommendations on the food pyramid. Your skin will reflect the way you feel.

•    Anti-aging products: Investigate anti-aging products with your doctor or skin care specialist, there are many products both prescription and non-prescription that will help you protect your skin and maintain the best possible skin health.

Remember that beauty is not found in the color of your hair or the number of lines in your skin, but rather it radiates from inner joy; care for your skin from the inside out, set your own hair trend to suit your unique personality and smile about it!

By Alice Lucette

Reference: WebMD Natural beauty for women over fifty

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