Fit After Fifty: Staying Active After Retirement

Few people want to admit that they are getting older. However, there is no magic elixir or fountain of youth, so the best way to prolong your health and vitality is through a good diet and plenty of exercise. People over fifty have particular challenges when it comes to fitness that younger people generally do not face. Their changing bodies can create new circumstances to overcome. However, rather than time being an issue, it is more about motivation and inspiration. 


Benefits of Exercise

It is no small surprise that regular exercise becomes even more important the older that people get. As testosterone and growth hormones adjust, so do energy and health levels. Because of these changes, preserving health can become more daunting.

Exercising regularly can relieve a variety of symptoms connected with fatigue, loss of muscle tone, arthritis, back pain, mobility issues, and poor balance and coordination. Virtually every exercise imaginable can change the course of all of those physical conditions and more.


Exercise Routines

There is a near constant discussion concerning exercising advice, particularly for seniors. While the “no pain, no gain” theory has seemed to have disappeared, the fact remains that in order to get benefits from exercise, one must have some form of routine.

For seniors, care must be taken to ensure that no damage is done to their understandably more fragile bodies. Therefore, it is usually more preferable to focus upon gentle stretching and yoga, moderate aerobics, walking, and low-intensity sports such as swimming.

Retirement Facilities

Seniors who reside in retirement communities and assisted living facilities often have access to built in resources that are very beneficial for establishing an exercise routine. For example, programs might include:

a. Fitness classes and instruction
b. Equipment
c. Regular walking on the grounds
d. Tennis
e. Swimming
f. Outings
g. Other sports activities

Consistency is Key

Regardless of what routine is chosen, the important thing is to exercise with some regularity. For instance, in order for exercise to be effective, it should be done on a consistent and daily basis. Retired people may find that it can be challenging to do this, however, it can be much less difficult when activities are chosen that seniors enjoy. In this way, there is always something to look forward to. Therefore, it is more likely that this will provide the inspiration needed to get going every day.

Enjoyable Activities

If a resident of an assisted living facility enjoys dancing, chances are that there is an opportunity to do it in a social setting. People who enjoy the outdoors usually enjoy walking through natural surroundings. Tennis and cycling enthusiasts may join clubs or become partners with another resident in order to safely enjoy those activities. Whether it’s lakeside assisted living facilities, tranquil retirement homes in the mountains, or Illinois elder communities—all types of senior living establishments provide active options.

Regardless of what quality of food is eaten or how many vitamins, supplements and potions are used in an effort to feel and look younger, there is no substitute for exercise. Therefore, nothing compares to a regular exercise routine for health maintenance.

When it comes to quality of life, regular exercise is what will pay the most dividends. This is why finding the most enjoyable ways to exercise is so critical, in order to take full advantage of the most important health dividends that a person will ever earn.

Savannah Bobo is a late-twenties college graduate and writer/blogger who, like most of us, grows increasingly concerned with her health and wellness as time goes on. When many things are uncertain, it is often comforting to know that we can always make choices—small and large—to improve our own health. Whether our plan is to physically challenge ourselves to our last breath hiking in Colorado, or to enjoy our meditative golden years in Illinois elder communities, we all need able bodies to get us there.

Savannah Bobo

Savannah is an English graduate and freelance writer from Georgia. Her interests include art, literature, film, pets and animals, health and fitness, and travel. Her work and education experience includes academic, technical, creative, and journalistic writing.

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