Why Being Fit Helps You Meet People

Improving your fitness has many well-documented health and appearance benefits, but few people rarely consider the social benefits of being fit. Marcus Taylor, co-author of the book Get Noticed, talks about five ways that being fit improves the size and quality of your social circle.

When you exercise, you trigger the release of thousands of chemical reactions around your body, which affect your mindset, and ultimately have a knock on effect on your social life.

First of all, there’s the boost in endorphins, which make you more positive.

1) A Positive mindset attracts positive people

The endorphins produced in your body from exercise make you feel great. Anyone who has broken a sweat doing exercise will know that it often gives you a boost of positivity. As humans, we magnetize whatever we think about into our lives. When you think positively, positive people will be more attracted to you, as it will be apparent that you share that value. Being positive attracts great people into your life.

2) Productivity improves your ability to get things done

Richard Branson is renowned for saying that his number one productivity tip is to work out. Exercise clears the mind, allows positivity to thrive, and creates motivation. Being motivated helps you to get more done and to work more effectively at whatever you’re trying to achieve. When you get things done, you naturally start meeting more people in a strange indirect way because your passion starts pushing you to meet new people.

3) Exercise breeds confidence

When you’ve just worked out, not only do you feel great but you probably look great too (maybe after a shower!) the boost in confidence that you get from exercising will make meeting people much easier.

4) Fitness is a shared interest

Many people talk about fitness and sport as a social topic of conversation. If you want to meet fit and healthy people, it’s likely to be something they hold as an interest and enjoy talking about. Engaging in fitness and sport will help you develop your ‘conversational bank of knowledge’ around the topic so that you can hold interesting and engaging conversations with like-minded people.

5) Group exercise is an opportunity to meet people

When you exercise in a group, such as at a gym or in a sports club you are surrounded by people who share your interest in becoming fit. These are people you can speak to, befriend, and build strong relationships with.

Marcus Taylor

Marcus Taylor is co-author of the book Get Noticed, a how-to guide to being in the right place at the right time, all the time.

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  • October 28, 2011 at 9:00 pm

    Great article, and very true! People who are passionate about fitness, health, and wellness gush with enthusiasm when they are engaged in a conversation about it. The best thing about enthusiasm is that it's contagious! Feeling great feels great!


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