Are You Fit For The Job? Get A Fitness Instructor Qualification

While the global economic crisis continues and large corporations and the public sector continue to cut back on staff our nation continues to become more obese. If current trends continue by the year 2050 half of all men will be considered obese (according to their body mass index). As the obesity epidemic grows new opportunities arise in the weight loss industry.

Men and women are very different in their approach to fitness and weight loss. Women tend to do best when joining weight loss support groups and focus more on dieting to lose weight. Men on the other hand prefer to get more active to get fit. Because of this there is a growing demand for fitness instructors and personal trainers, and the market is actually become wealthier with more highly skilled workers and professionals becoming obese and seeking personal trainers to get them back into shape.

There are various different options available if you wish to make a start in the fitness industry. Organizations such as the YMCA provide well-respected Gym Instructor courses which will teach you how to use and teach others to use a wide range of gym equipment, as well as learning about human anatomy, physiology and nutrition. Health and safety is also a vitally important are of fitness instruction today and this is covered in their courses.

Other routes into fitness can include obtaining a circuit training certificate which will allow you to plan and hold classes. Although this type of course is not a stand alone course, you generally need to have other supporting gym instruction qualifications.

As well as traditional gym and fitness courses there are many “new age” courses such as yoga and Pilates which will provide you with the skills to run a class. However, it is generally accepted that you should have many years experience to teach these types of class. If you are already fit then a short gym instructors course can be the best way in to a new career in the fitness industry.

One of the most popular courses as the moment in the UK is the Certificate in Teaching Exercise and Fitness which covers all areas of fitness instruction. For more introductory courses which provide distance learning the NCFE courses such as Exercise Fitness and Health Distance Learning Courses are often good choices.

In addition to learning about fitness and nutrition you should also become a qualified first aider. Although serious accidents are rare it will help to add trust and show that you are a dedicated professional.

If you wish to take your career in fitness to the next level then a good way to start is with a Foundation Degree Health Related Exercise and Fitness which will allow you to move into a career in applied exercise teaching, health evaluation and exercise prescription.

There are many ways to start work in the fitness industry. Ultimately personal image is important, meaning that you should be in excellent shape and use yourself to market your services. A good working knowledge of general fitness and some specific sports will go a long way and a sound knowledge of human nutrition is also vital.

With such a rapid growing market the health and fitness industry could be your first step out of a dying industry and into a new career. Make that first step today.

Bob Smith is a fitness and health researcher and reviews fitnessinstructortrainingcourses for a leading directory of training courses.

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One thought on “Are You Fit For The Job? Get A Fitness Instructor Qualification

  • August 6, 2011 at 8:00 am

    Considering getting into the personal training field myself. Your right, more and more americans are getting or should I say are already obese. The good thing is I think people are finally opening their eyes to this and are slowly doing something about it.

    Having been an avid weightlifter and former bodybuilder myself I should have no trouble getting the proper certifications for training others. Personally I would think that an organization like NASM or ACE would be better choice for getting certified.

    I’m seeing more and more baby boomers signing up for personal training at my gym these days. Nows the time to get into it if you enjoy training.


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