Fitness Tips for Women Over Fifty

Who says you can’t look great in a bikini!

We know all the common excuses for not working out and how to beat them and with that knowledge in practice it’s time to set a goal – how about looking great in a bikini no matter what your age? Imagine yourself on a tropical vacation mid February wearing a wide brimmed hat, a sleek swimsuit and a toned body.  Here are tips to live by as you get your body swimsuit-ready!

Practice good posture
This first tip is easy; be conscious of your posture. Keep your head and spine in alignment to keep from slouching and straighten your back. Slouching will make you look a couple inches shorter and draw attention to the tummy. Keep shoulders square and think of an imaginary thread at the top of your head pulling you upward to perfect posture. You’ll love your reflection!

Move your body
Don’t worry that you don’t see big changes in one week, every bit of exercise you do will gradually add up to a toned body; your short-term goal might be vacation season but long-term should be for life. Get your body moving – walk when you can rather than ride, take the steps rather than the elevator, add music to your household activities and you’ll feel like dancing! Every day is one more day toward a lifetime of fitness.

Add push-ups to your routine
Did you know that push-ups work the biceps, the triceps, pecs, abs, deltoids (around the shoulders) and the gluteal muscles? That’s right, you can tone six areas with one exercise. Start with bent-knee push-ups, do as many as you can comfortably do and increase the numbers gradually. If you have health concerns discuss your fitness plans and get the go-ahead from your doctor.

Pilates for strength and agility
Pilates is perfect for all ages and loved by women 50plus for the fluid movement plus the strength and agility training that are built into learning Pilates routines.

Proteins and salads
A salad lets you feel full longer, helps you resist overindulging in high calorie meal items and when prepared with colorful vegetables like peppers and spinach, can be a super healthy meal on its own.  Add a grilled chicken breast, salmon or tuna for the additional protein that will also aid in digestion and boost your energy levels!

Boost up fiber
Adding fruits, vegetables and whole grains to your daily diet will help keep you regular while making the tummy look flatter. Fiber can be extremely beneficial in reducing calorie intake, aid digestion and help speed up the passage of food through the body.

Sunscreen and moisturizer
While you’re working on diet and toning the body, don’t overlook the health of your skin. Moisturize every day to help your skin retain moisture and look healthier rather than rough and dry.  A moisturizer containing Hydroxy acids will help slough dead skin cells and sunscreen will protect against UVA and UVB that can lead to premature aging and skin cancer. For a tanned look try a quality bronzer, it will give you the healthy look of moisturized skin plus a little color.

Are you ready to shop?
Shop for your body shape; every woman is unique and the swimsuit you choose should emphasize your best features. If you have a pear-shaped figure with fuller thighs and hips, try on a high-cut bottom to elongate your legs and a V-neck to draw attention to your upper half. If your tummy needs help looking flatter, a side-detailed or wrap style swimsuit will draw attention away from the waist and some suits even have built-in tummy control panels. For a pear shaped figure, choose a V-neck to draw attention away from the waist. If you have an hour-glass figure you’ll be able to pull off a variety of styles! A one-piece solid color suit will look sleek but a bold print will likely look fabulous as well.

Make toning part of your lifestyle and whether you’re wearing a bikini at the beach or cruise-wear on vacation, you’ll not only look great but you’ll feel fantastic.

By Alice Lucette

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