Five Ways To Soothe Heel Pain

There is no point comparing pain within different parts of the body, yet you can only imagine how bad it is to experience heel pain. This pain is likely to increase each and every time you are trying to make a move or take a  step. This is one of the more common medical complaints, which most of the adults are now facing at least once in their lifetime.

Luckily, you can find different effective means to soothe heal pain the need of medical intervention. Here, you will find some ways following which you can get rid of your heel pain with a minimal effort.


1. Liquid Insoles

You need to adjust between positive and negative pressure of your foot, and any imbalance between these two pressures is one main reason for heel pain. Liquid insole is specially designed soles for those people who are suffering from heel pain and try to get rid of that pain. Liquid inside this sole is a proportional mixture of water, glycerin, and other materials. You can feel like walking on the water by using this sole, and you will find this special sole available at heel-that-pain, a useful web portal having almost everything you need to cure your heel pain.

2. HTP Night Splint

Stretching plantar fascia will give you a geed result if you are suffering from heel pain. The HTP night splint is designed to do such stretching, even when you are sleeping at night. This is a specially designed boot like support for your foot, which will give you instant relief from the heel pain. This night splint is easily adjustable and made from lightweight and breathable materials. You can find this effective pain soothing item at heel-that-pain, as well as other drug/medicine stores.

3. Shoe Padding

Your heel pain may triggered from severe skin disease or painful friction of your foot with the shoe you are putting on. Small and comfortable pads are available which you can use inside your shoe and avoid any harsh friction between your foot and the shoe. This will also help you to soothe your heel pain, and you can get such comfort pads available at heel-that-pain. Besides of these soft and comfortable shoe pads, you can also find some other items from this online portal to soothe your heel pain.

You can buy and get different heal seats from heel-that-pain which are proven and tested items and designed to give relief from the heel pain you are suffering. Heel seat wraps, HTP heal seats, full length heel seats and gel heal seats are very popular heel pain curing items which you can get from Heel That Pain, specialists in treating plantar fasciitis and other major heel malfunctions including bone spurs.

4. Ice Treatment

Rubbing your heels with ice may reduce the severity of the pain within a very short time. You need to rub and massage the pain area with small ice cubes for six to eight minutes, and repeat the same process with 2/3 minutes interval for several times. You can get the best result from this treatment, if you apply this within first 48 hours after you feel the pain.

5. Feet workout

Put any small objects like match box or pen on the floor and try to pick that object by using your toes. This will need you to work all vital tissues and muscles of your foot and help you to relief the heel pain. You can also try stretching tour toes after rubbing with a rubber band, and this will also help you reduce your heel pain.


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