Formaldehyde Exposure Can Affect Men’s Fertility

According to the report of the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine publication, the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine on their May issue, Chinese men’s occupational exposure to formaldehyde led to reduce fertility.

Because of these, Dr. Dang-xia Zhou compared men with occupational formaldehyde exposure to without exposure and found out that there are about 300 men working in a food processing facility in China that are exposed to formaldehyde have fertility problems.

It has been known through the study that wives of men exposed to formaldehyde takes longer time to get pregnant as compared to the wives of men without exposure to formaldehyde. According to the study, further that, the prolonged pregnancy rate is about three times higher.

On the other hand, exposure to formaldehyde also led to a higher risk of miscarriage of about two times compared to the wives of men who are exposed to formaldehyde when at work. The study further shows that those wives of men who have higher level of exposure to formaldehyde have higher rates of fertility problems. However, other reproductive problems or pregnancy problems like preterm birth or birth defects have nothing to do with formaldehyde exposure.

If you are unaware of it, formaldehyde is a chemical used in many of the industries. In the recent years, China is hailed to be world’s largest producer as well as consumer of formaldehyde, surpassing the United States. Majority of the previous studies about formaldehyde and it possible toxicity to the reproductive health is focused on women with inconsistent result.

Along with the tests done to animals, the latest results have shown that exposure to formaldehyde can be a huge contributor to the reduced sperm quality record worldwide. However, researchers state that future studies about direct relation of formaldehyde and sperm quality would still be necessary in order to address this issue.

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