Four New Cases OF the SARs like Virus Have Been Confirmed

Those of you that are health conscious and aware will have noticed the stories floating around about the new virus that doctors, and scientists have found to be similar and comparable to SARs. The world health organization has confirmed that there have been four brand new cases of the virus diagnosed on Friday. Three of these were patients from Saudi Arabia and a man from Qatar; the man had gone to Germany for medical treatment.

It has been advised to look out for symptoms and make sure that you go to the doctors should you be a victim of pneumonia like symptoms. The world health organization are stepping things up a lot to make sure that they can offer training to health-care workers to be able to diagnose the new virus, and put it aside from the flu symptoms that are commonly mistaken for it.

New SARs like Virus Alert – 2013

Even if you are not in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, then you still need to be alert and make sure that you keep your eyes wide open. It is no longer a rare event seeing how four others have been diagnosed with it. The center for disease control in Europe are looking to update their risk assessment procedures of the coronavirus and consider testing anyone that has been present with flu-like symptoms that do not go away, and of course, pneumonia that just came from nowhere. The virus is cousin to SARs and there is worry that it may cause another epidemic.

At the moment, six people have been diagnosed with the new virus, and two people have died. The two that died were from Saudi Arabia. The man from Qatar recovered from the virus in Berlin and was released from the hospital earlier this week. All of the people who have been diagnosed were, in fact, men. It was first spotted in June when a man who originated from Saudi died after having a very serious respiratory infection. It was a medical Centre in the Netherlands that confirmed the new infection after a sample was sent from the staff in the hospital in Saudi.

How Does It Spread?

Until now, it was not thought that the virus could spread from human to human, but now with the cluster of illnesses in Saudi it is starting to look that human to human contamination may happen. Two men who lived in the same residence together were diagnosed with the virus, sadly one of them died. It has been said that it’s difficult to source the contamination as when you live in the same area together, it could be a number of environmental factors that could have passed on the virus too.

Investigations are continuing and as we celebrate Thanksgiving and get ready for Christmas, perhaps we should also consider getting ready for another SARs outbreak in the form of the new virus? Who knows what is around the bend? It’s always a worry though when health professionals do not seem to know what causes such a virus. A great cause for concern in anyone who is close by to someone who is sick.

Claire Al-Aufi

Claire Al-Aufi is a contributing author for Hive Health Media who provides updates on health and fitness news.

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