Gift Ideas For Wheelchair Users

wheelchair user gift ideasChristmas time is around the corner and you are looking for the perfect gift for someone you love who happens to be a wheelchair user. What is the best gift for a wheelchair user?

You have two choices of types of gifts for wheelchair users.

First you can buy a gift that you might give anyone irrespective of the fact that they use a wheelchair. Such a gift may include a book, a CD or a subscription to a magazine. Anyone will enjoy this type of gift. However, be careful to avoid gifts which may not work for them because of their disability. For example, some wheelchair users have limited function of their hands or fingers.

A quadriplegic, or someone who has had a stroke may not have fine finger function. For that reason, it is best that they pick products which may require less manipulation by the fingers so that they can get the best product for their disability. Gifts to avoid in this case may be, for example, a mobile telephone, vacuum cleaner or a bag with zippers on it.

A wheelchair user with limited hand mobility should pick these gifts out themselves. Another thing to avoid giving a wheelchair user is certain types of clothing. Some types of clothing are best avoided. A heavy jacket may be too big for their wheelchair and could rub against the wheels. Pants may not fit well because their legs may have atrophied (gotten smaller) due to being in a wheelchair. Again, these products are best selected by the wheelchair user themselves.

Second you can buy a gift that is specific for wheelchair users. But of course, even gifts related to the wheelchair can be age and taste related. For example, a perfect gift for a child in a wheelchair would be a pair of fun spoke covers. Spoke covers serve two functions. Spoke covers serve a safety function. Spoke covers keep fingers from accidentally slipping into the spokes and becoming injured. Spoke covers also add personality to a wheelchair and can make an old and dreary wheelchair seem a bit brighter.

If the gift is for a child  who has a puppy or a kitten, a spoke cover with puppies or kittens can brighten their day. Alternatively a great gift for an adult wheelchair user would be a pair of wheelchair tire covers. Wheelchair tire covers go over the wheelchair tires and help to keep the house clean when the wheelchair is brought inside. When using wheelchair tire covers the dirt from the outside is not tracked over clean floors and carpets. Giving a gift of wheelchair tire covers to an adult wheelchair user is like giving a gift of house slippers to an able-bodied person.

Gene Emmer

Dr. Gene Emmer is the owner of the company which manufactures RehaDesign wheelchair accessories as well as the owner of a wheelchair website.

2 thoughts on “Gift Ideas For Wheelchair Users

  • October 12, 2010 at 5:15 am

    those are great gift ideas. people think it can be hard to get gifts for people in wheelchairs, but it is no harder than buying for anyone else.

  • September 19, 2010 at 7:16 pm

    Dr. Emmer, thanks again for your now 2nd post contribution.


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